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After 5,000 Blackbirds fell from the sky on New Year's Eve 2010 in Beebe, Arkansas, many people are wondering what this mass death symbolizes.

In dreams, dead birds can symbolize a loss of freedom. Various cultures view birds either as a way the soul is carried to heaven, or, in the case of vultures, ravens and crows, as a symbol of death.

See related links for more on the Arkansas blackbird die off as well as information about birds in mythology.

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I can only tell you that from experience. Without fail every time there was a dead bird found in my home someone I loved passed away. I started to believe that i twas more of a warning. It has happened with my grandmother, grandfather, my sisters fiance, my Nana and my dad. Every single time we found a dead bird in the house and within weeks they were dead. All of them had illness except my sisters fiance. So maybe coincidence but, whenever i do find one. I take it very seriously and pray for nothing to happen.

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Q: What is the meaning of a dead bird?
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What is the meaning of a bird falling from the sky?

its dead

What is the meaning of the bird on a totem?

you will regret that (your dead)

What is the meaning of a dead bird in your pool?

it drowned

What is the meaning of a dead bird on your lawn?

you have a catBird could have died of the West Nile virus

What is the meaning of dead bird falling from the sky in front of you?

Watch your step.

What is the meaning of a dead blue bird in the drive way?

It's not alive anymore.

Is there a meaning to finding a dead black bird in your backyard?

well if a really creepy lady live near your house then yes it means she is a witch if not then its just a dead bird

What is the symbolic meaning of hanging a dead bird from it's neck?

To my knowledge there is no symbolic meaning of the action. It was an old practice to hang a game bird by its neck to "ripen" the meat, when the bird fell, the meat was ready to be cooked.

Does a bird breath while it is dead?

If a bird breathed when it was dead, then the bird wouldn't be dead. So, no.

What is the meaning of a dead yellow bird?

It most commonly means that it has stopped living. And is yellow.

What is meaning of finding a dead bird in front of your house?

It means you need to toss it in the garbage.

What is the meaning of a dead red bird outside?

Birds die, it doesn't MEAN anything. it means that outside a red bird died

What is the meaning of a dead bird in front of your window?

It probably means that the bird crashed into your window and died or that it died somehow when it was in front of your window.

What is the meaning of dead bird in driveway?

Either a bird has died or been killed on the driveway, or it sdead body has been moved there (for example by wind or carried by another bird).

What is the meaning of a dead bird in on your porch in Christianity?

It means bad luck is going to come your way

What is meaning of finding a dead bird directly under my truck in front of my house?

There is no meaning other than a cat or animal probably dragged it there. The bird could have also died of natural causes.

Can a dead bird be dead if the lamp on the street is on?

Yes, a dead bird is dead, no matter how much light you shine on it.

What does it mean if a bird drops dead at your feet?

Nothing. You have a dead bird.

Meaning of a dead starling at your door?

It means you have a bird-killing cat, or that the bird was not watching where he was flying, or that the bird suffered from some fatal illness (birds do become ill, just as people do). In the wild, birds often die or are killed, and then, other species will eat them. Occasionally, they die in a surprising (to us) place such as a lawn or a front step. And there is no mystical or supernatural meaning to a dead bird on your front stoop.

What does it mean when you find a dead bird?

it means that the bird is dead nothing can help that

Where is the virgin of a do do bird?

Dead dead.

What does a dead black bird mean?

A dead black bird can mean a great many different things. A dead black bird can mean that there is disease in the population around you.

Is it a bad omen when you find a dead bird on your porch?

It's not so good for the bird, is it? Apart from that it has no meaning at all, unless an unkind person deliberately put it there to make you uncomfortable.

What does a dead hummingbird symbolize?

a dead bird

Is a pitched ball that hits a bird considered dead?

The ball is dead right after it hits the bird