Blackbirds are common birds of forests and suburban lawns, open country. The common blackbird of Europe is a thrush, while the various North American species are allied to meadowlarks and orioles in the Family Icteridae.

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Chickens and Roosters

Do chickens kill blackbirds and then eat them?

It is not likely that chickens would kill a blackbird unless it was sick or injured.

A healthy blackbird would just fly away if the chickens showed aggression. If you saw a chicken pecking at the carcass of a dead blackbird it was more probable that the bird was already dead when the chickens found it and if you allowed it to continue eating the dead bird you may have a disease problem on your hands as bird to bird transmitted disease is common.


Why do blackbirds fly in circles?

If your talking about vultures it is because they are meat eating birds and they are circling to signal the others that there is meat there or they could be already vultures at the dead animal they found so there waiting for the others to have there fill and fly away so they can land and eat too.


What call in English the bird who eat dead bodies?

A vulture likes to eat anything that is already dead and rotting.


Where do blackbirds sleep?

In a nest or in a tree


What is a mountain blackbird?

It's a bird.

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest and Other Extremes

What is the largest blackbird?

Either the boat tailed or great tailed grackle of the U.S. south. Both are about the same length, the great tail maybe a little longer. Up to eighteen inches in length.


Is a blackbird a herbivore?

no. they eat worms

The Beatles
Song Meanings

What is the meaning of the Beatles song Blackbird?

There are various possible meanings to this song. One is it's about an actual bird who wants to be free and fly away. The other is metaphorical-- it could refer to the a person who has been captive (whether enslaved, imprisoned, in a bad relationship) and has been waiting for so long for the moment of freedom to arrive. Paul McCartney himself told ABC News in a 2001 interview that "I wrote it in the '60s, when the civil rights movement was at its height. I liked to think of a blackbird as being a kind of symbol for a black woman."

another comment from a contributor:

Since the Beatles are from England, they call women birds. Blackbird was written when Paul McCartney was just sitting while he had free time on a tour. Then he heard a women screaming and a lot of police cars pulled up. The police had her handcuffed and were beating her. There was a giant crowd. Paul thought the black women committed a huge crime. Turns out all she did was sit in the whites section. Paul was shocked, as there was no segregation in England. He decided to write a song. Notice how all the adjectives are negative: dead,dark, sunken, broken. They describe the unfairness. The verbs show the actions of the black people: fly, singing, free, arise, waiting and see. After all those tragedies the African Americans didn't use violence. It was the lady's time to be free and arise from the dark black night. There is also the sound of a foot beating in the background. The footsteps represent the marching of all the African Americans, longing for freedom.

and another comment from another contributor:

McCartney in 2002:

"I was in Scotland playing on my guitar, and I remembered this whole idea of 'you were only waiting for this moment to arise' was about, you know, the black people's struggle in the southern states, and I was using the symbolism of a blackbird. It's not really about a blackbird whose wings are broken, you know, it's a bit more symbolic."

(Radio interview with KCRW's Chris Douridas, May 25, 2002)

McCartney in Rolling Stone Magazine:

"I had in mind a black woman, rather than a bird. Those were the days of the civil rights movement, which all of us cared passionately about, so this was really a song from me to a black woman, experiencing these problems in the States: 'Let me encourage you to keep trying, to keep your faith, there is hope.' As is often the case with my things, a veiling took place, so, rather than say, 'Black woman living in Little Rock,' and be very specific, she became a bird, (she) became symbolic."


Do blackbirds eat Thrushes?

no blackbirds eat bugs


How long do blackbird eggs take to hatch?

Between 10 and 19 days is commonly quoted amongst birdwatchers but eggs hatched in aviaries invariably take 14 days. While a longer incubation period for eggs laid in habitat could possibly be the result of disturbance, a shorter incubation period than 14 days is exceedingly unlikely.


What does it mean when you have a dream about a blackbird that is on fire?

this sounds like a little nightmare.

More information:

This dream might have multiple interpretations. The challenge lies in determining what the blackbird represents to the dreamer.

In the U.S.A., during the racially charged 1960s, a blackbird on fire could have symbolized a lynching. Children's nursery rhymes are full of blackbird stories, like those baked in the king's pie. There is John Lennon's Blackbird and Blackbird by Alter Bridge. One of these is significant, but only the dreamer can recognize the connection to the dream.

The second element in this dream is fire which is destructive: fever or passion. The blackbird could represent a part of the dreamer's body (the song/voice?) that is burning with fevered infection, or it could represent a dark passion. Again, the fire in this dream has a significance that is specific to the dreamer.

While this exploration may seem more confusing than helpful, once one understands how symbols function, the dreamer might recognize the meaning of the dream immediately. For example, someone who lives on Blackbird Lane during this summer's blazing heat wave would know instantly what the dream means to them.

The attached link contains further information on dreams and their symbols.


What bird is black with white tipped wings?

If it's a large bird, it could be a wood stork.


What did the Sr-7IA Blackbird do?

It is surveillance aircraft. It has no bombs. It acts like a spy plane. It takes pictures of the ground even from a great height. If an aircraft sees it the simple evasive action is to accelerate.

This plane can even carry missiles and could fire it in the middile plane section

Coded message 45.675 34.890 7.64 43.567 3452.3219


Metaphors for witch of Blackbird pond?

kit took a deep breath as if she were a wolf blowing down the piggys house!


How long can a blackbird live with no food and water?

2 weeks and 3 hours


What eats a blackbird?

hawk some larger birds like owls eagles and possibly a coyote.


How do blackbirds help your garden?

they don't help it at all!


Is a redwing blackbird nocturnal or diurnal?

The Red Winged BlackBird is a diurnal animal.


What are facts from The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

i wont tell you, you have to read the book. its hard to read if you are in like 6th grade or 7th grade, or whatever, it has old time wording . but the true thing I'm trying to say is that READ THE F***ing BOOK!


What is the theme of the witch of blackbird pond?

To not judge people for who they are and really get to know them well.


What do red winged blackbirds mean?

they mean there is danger ahead

Signs and Omens

What does it mean when there is a blackbird flying in your bedroom?

Well i would say if therre is a black bird flying around yourr rom it probably means your going to have bad luck.

Lakes and Rivers

What are the disadvantage of rivers?

sure rivers provide fish and clean water but, they can easily be overflowed with too much rain and ,with excessive activity and little rain, can become dry for many months. also rivers wear away with fast-flowing current into the sides of a river. also riverswith the wearing away affect can create an oxbow lake. this link can show you more about lakes.


What is the average lifespan of a blackbird?

It all depends on its health, its habitat, its resources (food water ...etc), the weather, predators, and more.


Where is Foreshadowing in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

Foreshadowing in the book is "I am going over to see Hannah Tupper," she announced, trying to sound matter-of-fact.

"The witch? Have you lost your senses, Kit?" Judith was scandalized."(Page 95 in my book) That is foreshadowing because it shows that Kit befriends Hannah but many People don't like Hannah, so when the people figure out Kit befriends Hannah, they will try to give consequences.


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