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What is the meaning of bed and breakfast hotel?

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A bed and breakfast hotel is usually a private dwelling that the owners rent out one or two rooms and serve a home cooked breakfast at a certain time. Much like spending the night at a friends place and being charged for it.

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What is b and b hotel?

Bed and breakfast hotel :)

How do you say bed and Breakfast hotel in French?

Un bed and breakfast (these are borrowed words)

What is hotel garni?

A hotel in Europe on Bed and breakfast basis only.

What is the hotel Elsa stays in in the bed and breakfast star?

the roal hotel

Where can one locate the Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast Hotel in Minnesota?

You can locate the Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast Hotel in Minnesota easily online. To get easy directions or find where it is, you can go to Google Map and search the name of the bed and breakfast.

What is the difference between a bed breakfast and a hotel?

A bed and breakfast normally has no facilities other than a small room to serve breakfast so therefore there is no restaurant or bar

What is the difference between guest house and hotel?

A guest house is a fancy name for a bed+breakfast. A hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What is the name of the hotel that Elsa stays at in the bed and breakfast star from Jacqueline Wilson?

The royal hotel

What courses would be useful to take in university if you wanted to own and run a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast?

Any of the business or hotel management courses would be useful to take in university if you want to own and run a boutique hotel or a bed and breakfast.

Is it bed in breakfast or bed in breakfast?

It is "bed and breakfast"

What is a non hotel accommodation?

Motel, Bed & breakfast, rooming house, etc.

What are some of the best accomodations in Southworld?

A few of the best accommodations in Southworld are the Randolph Hotel, the Sutherland House Bed and Breakfast and the Henham Green Farm bed and breakfast.

What types of packages can one purchase when booking a room at the Lowry Hotel?

Packages from the Lowry Hotel include bed and breakfast, dinner, bed and breakfast or room only. Moreover, extras can include spa packages, and upgrades to suites.

What are some hotel alternatives for Scottsdale lodging?

An alternative for staying at a hotel in Scottsdale include staying at a bed and breakfast. Some bed and breakfast places include Bespoke Inn Cafe & Bicycles, Hacienda Celestial, and Village Grove.

Bed and breakfast for a London boutique hotel?

You can find the best bed and breakfast deals for London boutique hotels from You can search for London and search for what you would like most.

Bed and breakfasts uk, how can I find reviews for them.?

TripAdvisor has reviews about bed and breakfast establishments and so much more information pertaining to travel. has reviews and helps you find a bed and breakfast, guesthouse or hotel.

What are the different types of lodging?

* Youth Hostel * Budget Motel * Luxury Hotel * Bed and Breakfast

Where could one find information about bed and breakfast accommodation in New York?

The official bed and breakfast website offers a variety of bed and breakfast places such as Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa and Morgan Samuels Inn. They show a variety of prices available for each hotel.

Where is the location of Grafton Hotel?

The Grafton Hotel is located in Harrogate in the UK. Harrogate is in North Yorkshire. The Grafton is a boutique bed and breakfast hotel and is on Franklin Mount in Harrogate.

What has the author Betty R Rundback written?

Betty R. Rundback has written: 'Bed & breakfast U.S.A.' -- subject(s): Directories, Bed and breakfast accommodations 'Bed and Breakfast USA 1991 (Plume)' 'Bed and Breakfast USA 1983 (Bed and Breakfast USA)' 'Bed and Breakfast USA 1992' 'Bed and Breakfast USA 1984'

What hotel feature do children often get excited about?

Pool Elevator Room Service/Breakfast Big Bed

What is the meaning of b and b?

The only thing that comes to mine is 'bed and breakfast'

Which three stars hotels from Dallas offer bed and breakfast services?

There are many different hotels available in Dallas that offer bed and breakfast services. Three star hotels include the popular Magnolia Dallas Hotel.

What are synonyms of the word 'inn'?

* hotel * motel * pub * tavern * lodgings * guesthouse * bed and breakfast * pension

What kind of accommodation is available to tourists visiting Perth Ontario?

There are approximately nine different options for accommodation in Perth, Ontario. There are hotels and bed and breakfast options available such as Perth Manor Boutique Hotel, Drummond House Perth, Aquarius Motel, Nevis Estate Bed & Breakfast and The Rogers House Bed & Breakfast.