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a bow with a single hemp string picked with a small stick

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What is a Butting an stringed instrument?

t butting

How do you spell butting?

A goat hitting your backside with his head is "butting". (So is using your forehead in boxing.)

When was Max Butting born?

Max Butting was born on October 6, 1888, in Berlin, Germany.

When did Max Butting die?

Max Butting died on July 13, 1976, in Berlin, East Germany.

What are the release dates for Butting in Society - 1917?

Butting in Society - 1917 was released on: USA: August 1917

What actors and actresses appeared in Butting in Society - 1917?

The cast of Butting in Society - 1917 includes: Lou Marks

What rhymes with cutting?

Mutting head butting

What is the meaning of butting heads?

When sheep or goats want to prove who is the strongest they butt their heads together until one gives up, leaving the other the winner. In the same manner when two people try to dominate each other they may continuosly quarrel in the hope that the other one will yield, this is called "butting heads"

How do beluga whales protect itself?

by head butting

What are the musical instruments of negritos?

kabungbung, butting, liguit, bansik,

How does a dolphin defend itself?

By head butting and biting the predator.

What does Hester resolve to do?

To let Dimmesdale be without Chillingworth butting in

What is two sheep hitting their horns together?

Head butting.

Does head butting hand mean love?

No, it means fail.

How does a bottlnose dolphin protect itself?

by butting its head in the preditor

What are the release dates for The Real World - 1992 Butting In 18-18?

The Real World - 1992 Butting In 18-18 was released on: USA: 7 March 2007

What actors and actresses appeared in Butting in on Baby - 1920?

The cast of Butting in on Baby - 1920 includes: Griffin Bennett Eddie Lyons Grace Marvin Charlotte Merriam Lee Moran

What is the idiom of to be constantly quarrelling with another person?

You might say you are "at odds" or "butting heads."

How do buzzers work?

by head butting carrots and cooking me a roast dinner

What is the official name for head-butting a soccer ball?

A "header".

What is the correct word for head-butting a soccer ball?


Is there any images of wee man head butting the bowling ball?


What actions does the athlete use in soccer?

kicking, running, head butting

What is two sheep hitting their horns together called?

Butting heads

What does head-butting in bighorn sheep illustrate?

Head butting is both a natural and learned behavior in sheep. It is a way for rams to get into physical shape for the breeding season and to establish (or re-establish) the dominance hierarchy.