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"Waiting for Godot" (go-DOE) comes from a play of the same name by Samuel Beckett in which two characters wait for a third named Godot, who never appears. It means to wait for something that will never happen, with connotations of futility and despair.

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Q: What is the meaning of idiomatic expression Waiting for Godot?
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Is there a movie of Waiting for Godot?

Currently there is no movie based on Waiting for Godot.

Who published Waiting for Godot?

Waiting for Godot was published by 'Faber and Faber Limited'

How many acts in waiting for godot?

there are only two acts in Waiting for Godot.

Why did a rooster have psychological meaning to Jackson Pollock who painted one into his Guardians of the Secret?

In Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, why does Godot never arrive?

Waiting for Godot is about waiting?

Among other things, yes, Waiting for Godot is about waiting. Additionally, it explores existential themes and questions the nature of faith and religion.

What are the release dates for Waiting--- On Godot - 2011?

Waiting--- On Godot - 2011 was released on: USA: 26 December 2011

Who is the author of Waiting for Godot which features Vladimir and Estragon waiting and doing nothing?

Waiting for Godot was first written in French in 1948, Samuel Beckett himself then translated it into English.

Comment on title of waiting for godot?

Waiting on Godot surmises that the play is about waiting. That it is - Samuel Beckett's award-winning play does not contain a lot of action, and truly is about waiting.

What actors and actresses appeared in Waiting for Godot - 2013?

The cast of Waiting for Godot - 2013 includes: Rodrig Andrisan as Pozzo

Who directed the waiting for godot film?

Waiting for Godot was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. it was released in 2001 and based on a similar book.

Can waiting for godot be read religiously?

yes, a common interpretation is that Godot represents God.

Who was waiting in waiting for godot?

Vladimir and Estragon was waiting for Godot, according to the script. Any further thoughts about this, has to be made on your own, there are a lot of discussions about who Vladimir and Estragon are a symbol of.