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ある愛はどこか?あなたはただそれを見つける必要があります。 (aru ai ha doko ka? anata ha tada sore wo mitsukeru ga arimasu) is saying "Where is some love? It's simply necessary for you to find it".


The sentence uses 或る (aru, some) and not 在る (aru, to be/to exist).

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itsu = when

itsu ka = sometimes

ii = good

koto = event

aru = exists/occurs (for non-living things)

Itsu ka ii koto aru = Sometimes good things happen.

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あなたはこれを理解することはできません (anata wa kore o rikai suru koto wa dekimasen) literally means "you aren't able to understand this" in Japanese. However, this sentence wouldn't commonly be uttered by a native speaker as it sounds quite unnatural.

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Literally : The necessity that you do that, exists

Naturally: You're required to do that, I/We need you to do that. (perform some task, etc).

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Q: What is the meaning of itsu ka ii koto aru?
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