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oxidising substances are substances which gives oxygen or gains hydrogen

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Q: What is the meaning of oxidising substances?
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What role play oxidising agent in a reaction?

They oxidize the other substances by accepting electrons and are therefor reduced.

Which pair of substances might be involved in an oxidation-reduction reaction that would result in the formation of ions?

reducing agents and oxidising agents.

What is the oxidising agent in kmno4 h2c2o4 h2so4?

KMnO4 and H2SO4 are oxidising agents. Oxidising agents are hungry for electrons...

What is used to test for reducing and oxidising agents?

When some substances are oxidised or reduced, there is a colour change.Testing for a reducing agent:An oxidising agent is a substance that causes another substance to be oxidised & is itself reduced. Acidified potassium manganate (VII) is an example of one. While it oxidises other substances, the manganate ion is reduced (because the oxidation state decreases showing that reduction is occuring) :MnO4- --> Mn2+oxdations state:+VII+2colour:PinkColourlessSo, to see if an unknown substance is a reducing agent, add acidifies potassium manganate (VII) to see if the pink colour fades. If it does, you know the unknown substance was a reducing agent, because it caused reduction.Testing for an oxidising agent:A reducing agent is a substance which causes reduction, but is oxidised itself. Potassium iodide is a powerful reducing agent. While it reduces other substances, the iodide ion is oxidised (because the oxidising state increases) resulting in a colour change:2I- -->I2Oxidising state:-10 (the oxidising state of a diatomic molecule is 0)Colour:ColourlessRed-brownSo, to see if an unknown substance is an oxidising agent, add potassium iodide to see if a red-brown colour appears. If it does, you know your unknown substance is an oxidising agent because it caused a reduction

Why sulfuric acid is used in redox titrations?

Dilute sulfuric acid H2SO4 is an indifferent acid to oxidising substances, while HCl (potential +1.36V) is a reductant and HNO3 (potential +0.96V) is an oxidant.