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The English suffix ly is an adverb that means in the manner of. The best word example using that suffix is fluently.

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the suffix is -ly and it turns the word into an adverb.

-ly(meaning of or being________.)

anomaly has to suffix. even though it ends it ly, it does not represent the meaning of that suffix.

Mente = Mind The suffix -mente is the generally the same as the English suffix -ly

the adverb suffix -lyThe adjective is final, the adverb is finally.

The suffix in promptly is -ly. The -ly changes prompt to an adverb.

Yes, the word reasonably is an adverb.In the English language, most adverbs have -ly as the suffix. But not all of them. Reasonably is one of the many with the -ly suffix, as you can see.

Yes it is. Most adverbs are formed in English with the suffix -ly.

The suffix in the word rapidly is -ly. -ly is a suffix that changes words into adverbs.

-Ly is the suffix in annually. -Ly is a suffix that usually changes words into adverbs.

A suffix is the ending of a word. The suffix of the word, unfortunately, is -ly.

No. -ly is a suffix

The ending -mente is an Italian equivalent of the English suffix "-ly." The ending signals that the part of speech is an adverb. The pronunciation will be "MEN-tey" in Pisan Italian.

Adding the suffix -ly to the adjective 'regal' forms the adverb regally.

'-ly' is the suffix in 'absolutely'.

-ly. A suffix is an ending that can be tacked onto a word to give it a different meaning or make it a different part of speech. For example, -ly turns "Direct" from an adjective (in this case), into an adverb.

The suffix -ly is in eventually. This suffix makes adverbs.

on october 23 2008, at 10 year old i need help on my homework I need to find out what the suffix "ly" means. Can you help me????

The -ly in frequently is a suffix.