What is the meaning of the name Usain?

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If you mean Husain, it is Arabic and means "small beauty."
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Why do names have meanings?

Names have meanings because it explains you.For examle my Native name is shawa-hamsii which means young star.It explains you.

What is the meaning of name?

A name is the particular appellation or designation given to an object, concept, or person. Proper names may include a "given name" (individual at birth) as well as a family name or surname. Proper Names A name is a label that we give to someone or something to distinguish it from other similar ( Full Answer )

What name means I AM WHO I AM?

God, Exodus chapter 3 verse 14 Ok this is an interesting quote. God is talking to Moses andMoses is basically asking God what name he is to say to the peoplewhen they ask. Now here is the kicker. I... do not believe that Godis responding with his name or WHO he is per se. God is tellingMoses WH ( Full Answer )

What Does What if your Name Mean?

it means that you or somebody else wants to know what their name might mean or why they are named this or where their name originated from or they/ you might just be curious to as to what a friends name means or if a certain word is a name or not . it could also be a tipeo

What does the name The mean?

"The" is not a name. Actually "the" means "a thing that is there." It probably comes from the word "there."

Who is Usain Bolt?

Usain Bolt is the currently the only sprinter to hold (or oncehold) the world record in the 100m, the 200m, and the 4x100m relayat the same time. He is also 1 of 3 Olympians to win the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relayin the Olympics. He is the only 1 of the 3 to break the worldrecord in the those 3 eve ( Full Answer )

Usain what does it mean?

Usain in Arabic means "Good Boy" or "Good Looking Boy". Asafa (somewhere in Africa) means "Rise to the Occasion". It should be noted however that Jamaicans have no problem inventing names; especially girl names.

What does the name Will mean?

Will is a shortened form of William. It comes from the German name Wilhem : wil means will or desire, and helm means helmet or protection.

Does usain have a girlfriend?

Answer . yh!!!!!!!! . soz. yeah, he has a girlfriend. she was there crying when USAIN BOLT WON FAIR AND SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AN DA ONLY REASON Y PEOPLE THINK HE TAKES STEROIDS IS BECAUSE:. 1.] HE'S JAMAICAN. 2.] HE WAS UNHEARD OF BEFORE. 3.' AND BECAUSE HE BEA ( Full Answer )

What names means 'I am who I am'?

In Exodus 3:14, Yahweh / Jehovah / God answers Moses question of His name with "I am who I am" or "I shall be that I shall be."

What does you name it mean?

The idiomatic phrase "you name it" is a way of describing the completeness or wide extent of a collection or group. Whatever individual version of a thing or concept you can select (name) is already included in the group. Examples: "This car has all of the popular options. You name it, it has it." ( Full Answer )

What does name mean and what is it?

a word or a combination of words by which a person, place, or thing, a body or class, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known.

Where does the name will mean?

Will is a short form of William, which is of Germanic origin. The name is ultimately derived from the Germanic words 'wil' - 'will, desire' and "helm" - "helmet".

What is the meaning of the name?

The meaning of a name can be looked at in different languages suchas, Greek or Hebrew. A name can also have a personal meaning to theperson that created it.

What do you mean by name?

Name is what everyone calls one another. A name is what someone will be known by and have a record on it. When you were born your parents named you a type of word which would be what people in your entire life would be calling you.That is what it means by name.

Why does names have a meaning?

At one time, personal names were thought to have magical power and were chosen with that in mind. A person would be called by the word for an animal or force of nature in order to bring valued attributes to that person. Later names described something about a person and referred to what they did, wh ( Full Answer )

What is Usain Bolt's home address?

Usain bolt's fathers address is rather strange.Bolt grew up withhis mother, so he never got to se his dad. His dad lives in englandwith his his two nephews. Anyway Usain's fathers address is 14salvin street croxdale. Thank you for taking the time to read thisanswer.

What was Usain Bolt's height at 16?

I can't tell you his exact height at age 16, but i can tell you that he is 6'5" now, making him considerably tall to be a sprint world record holder. However, Usain shocked the world when he was 16 by running a 200m race in 20.25s and a 400m race in 45.25s.

What is Usain Bolts life expectancy?

its the less expencty 0.00983777485 years ago which is a scientist list capital the researcher p9 and the answer is the life expenticy is atleast atleast 786788 years left O_o

Who has beaten Usain Bolt in a race?

Usain bolt has never been beaten but has lost the 2009 olympic games in Osaka. Usain bolt came second in the race and lost by the american record-breaking sprinter Tyson Gay.

Who does Usain Bolt admire?

Usain Bolt admires a candian runner 2 miler/ 200 meter rynner who currently lives in Ohio named Jared Michael Hollingsworth.

What does naming mean?

Naming means the act of labeling something in such a way as to be commonly known to others.

Where do you send Usain Bolts letters to?

samedi 11 Aout 2012 To the exelent sportman UsainBolt Godbless . Respect to the max by a Champion from you side. The dream come possible,cause i can train and run and cross for me pleasure again.Good felling on perspective!

What speed can Usain Bolt reach?

in 2008 when usain bolt won the 100m, he ran 0.82 seconds from 60m-70m .This equals about 43.5km/h

Why is Usain Bolt so important?

Usain Bolt is important because he is the fastest person on Earth.He has inspired many people to pursue their dreams, especiallykids. He was even challenged by a 103 year old (Hidekichi Miyazaki)to run a race. He is making many people active and in a fun way,too.

What is usaine bolts faviourite food?

is was reported in the Beijing Olympics that Chicken was Bolt's favorite food. he even went as far as to say that during the 100m competition, which was spread over about a week, he had a daily diet that consisted mainly of Chicken McNuggets. He is also partial to the odd chocolate milkshake.

Is Usain Bolt partly Welsh?

The wikipedia article states he is Jamaican and African and makes no mention of Welsh ancestry.

What are Usain Bolts spikes called?

it really depends, on the ones you are talking about. Usain Bolt has come out with multiple shoes, racing spikes and trainers.

Is Usain Bolt a vegetarian?

There are many veggie websites claiming this, but many more reputable sources that report on how he loves chicken and fast food. All articles relating to his diet show he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables like most healthy people, but he definitely eats meat.

Is Usain Bolt flat footed?

Usain Bolt does not have normal footing. He does still have an arch in his foot but is is about the quarter of the size of yours (normal feet)

What does namely mean?

The word "namely" means specifically, or referring to this particular classification. it is not as commonly used at it once was, but you might see it sometimes. For example: There are certain primates that communicate through sounds and gestures, namely gorillas, bonobos, and chimpanzees.

What does this name means?

name means your reorganization of a human other wise everybody would be called hey or oye

What was the names of Usain Bolts parents?

Hiss mother's name is Jennifer Bolt and his father's name is Wellesly, His brother's name is Sadeek, and he has a sister, i don't know her name. His parents still live in Trelawny, his home town.