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It doesn't matter how big, rich or powerful you are. When you get into a compromised position the very least will be inclined to take advantage of you in your compromised position.

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Q: What is the meaning of the proverb When an elephant is in trouble even a frog will kick him?
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When an elephant is in trouble even a frog will kick him?


What is the meaning of the phrase When an elephant is in trouble even a frog will kick him?

Is it something to do with the big and deadlyelephant being in trouble, and therefore no longer able to hurt the frog, and so even a teeny tiny frog will stand up to it? :O

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What is the meaning of the proverb 'If a fool drops a stone into a river a hundred wise men will never get it back'?

This essentially paraphrases: "If I tell a good lie, even a 100 men will never see through it".

What is the definition of the proverb a person in need will cling even to a deadly weapon?


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that you should always think before u even say or do something because it will probley get you trouble if you dont think before hand.