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Q: What is the meaning of the symbols and colors on the Western Australian flag?
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What are the colors on the Australian flag?

The colors on the Australian flag are red, blue and white.

What is the symbol for Australia?

Australia has a number of symbols that can be used. Among them are the national flag, the coat of arms, floral emblems, and Australian national colors.

What do the colors and symbols on the flag represent?

the colors most likely represent the symbols of the state or country

What are the Australian colors?

The Australian colours are green and gold.

What tells what symbols and colors on a map mean?

The part of the map that tells what the colors and symbols mean is called the legend (or sometimes the key).

What explains the symbols and colors on the map?


What colors and symbols in the countries flag symboilze?


What are the symbols and colors of lent?

The color of lent is purple

What explains the lines symbols and colors on a map?


What does the colors and symbols of Tahiti's flag mean?


What do the colors on the American Flag symbolize?

Actually, the colors have no meaning. The Boy Scouts handbook listed meaning to the colors in the 1930's, but when it was made no meaning was applied to the colors.

What was hera's colors and symbols?

Hera's colors are Dark green, silver, white, royal blue, purple. rose and grey. Her symbols are a peacock feather and a pomegranate.

Meaning of colors in the Bible?

how did dance begin in the bible what is the meaning of the colors in the bible

Colors meaning for a mood necklace?

WHAT are the colors meaning for 1 mood necklace

What do the colors on the western Australian flag mean?

Blue stands for hearts the dove stands for unity Red stands for love for Wa White stands for WA people

What colors and symbols are associated with lent?

the colours are purple with a base of red ! the symbols could be a cross etc

What colors are Australian Cattle Dogs?

Blue And Red

A list that explains the parts colors or symbols of a chart?

a legend

What does the colors and symbols on Spain's flag symbolize?

it represents their freedom

Why were colors and animals on coats of arms?

Colors and animals were, and are, used in coats of arms because they are used a symbols.

What was Hestia's colors and symbols?

Hestia's main symbol is the hearth and its flame. Her colors are gold and dark rose.

What is the box in a map in which map symbols are explained?

The legend or the key shows the symbols on the map. The symbols can be figures, shapes, lines, and colors as depicted on the map.

What do the colors and symbols mean on the china flag?

The colours mean that they'll have a great life And the symbols mean joy

What are the colors of the rainbow and their meaning?

All colors visible to the human eye are in the rainbow. They have no specific meaning.

What are the colors of western washington university?