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What does flurge mean from Saturday Night Live?

Saturday Night Live used the word flurge in a skit that had two first ladies in it. Saturday Night Live never explained its meaning. The word Flurge is not in the dictionary.

What are some sHow is that Tina Fey is on?

She used to be on Saturday Night Live and now she is on 30 Rock.

What music played in the background of Martin Short's Saturday Night Live synchronized swimming skit?

It's Frank Stallone's "Far From Over," film music used in Stayin' Alive, the follow-up to Saturday Night Fever, both with John Travolta.

If Saturday Night Live is really live then how do they censor bad words?

It is not live on TV. they record it earlier in the day. they used to play it live but they made too many mistakes and said too many bad words so they played it later in the day when they cut out the mistakes and bad words. But they still call it Saturday Night Live. P.s: Even when broadcasts are "live", there is a 3-second delay to allow for the censor's "cut".

What is the new video clip where there is a guy signing over his dance moves to MC Hammer?

That would be Jimmy Fallon. He used to be in Saturday Night Live.

Is Saturday an adjective?

No. The word Saturday is a proper noun, referring to a calendar day. When used with a noun, it means "on Saturday." *The plural form Saturdays may be considered an adverb when used with a verb meaning to happen or occur on Saturdays.

What song was used in the opening of Saturday Night Live on April 14 2012 in the skit with all the GOP candidates at the bar?

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

Will you pass a drug test on Thursday night if you used cocaine on Saturday night?

No, because drugs stay in your system for 30 days.

Who played the swing jazz song called how about you?

the main contributors in swing jazz was a man called Glen Miller back in the day people used to live for Saturday night where they would dance to this song.

Is Saturday night live funny?

It is considered funny by some people, but others believe it used to be better than it is now. Like any comedy program, Saturday Night Live has gone through years when the critics and fans found it disappointing-- this was especially true when big stars like Eddie Murphy left the series. Also, with any comedy show, some skits are better than others, even during the best of seasons.

Can you pass a mouth swab drug test for meth if you used meth on Saturday night and were tested on monday afternoon?

It depends on how much you used. Typically, No.

Does Jason sudeikis smoke?

Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live fame used to smoke cigarettes. Ever since getting involved in a relationship with Olivia Wilde, the two have quit smoking and are expecting their first child.

How do you say 'good night' in latin?

The literal meaning would be "bona nox." There was no such term in usage for 'good night,' however; "vale/valete" (meaning 'goodbye') was used.

Who was Esther Williams married to?

I believe it was Fernando Lamas (who Billy Crystal used to imitate on Saturday Nite Live).

What is the name of the 1975 Lynyrd Skynyrd song that addresses gun control and references the term used to describe cheap handguns?

Saturday Night Special.

What meaning do the animals in Snow White have?

because she used to live them all that's why

Which pronoun is used for Saturday?

The pronoun that takes the place of the noun Saturday is it. Example:I can't wait for Saturday, it is my birthday.

How much did the white suit worn by John Travolta in Saturday night fever sell for?

Siskel of Sisket and Ebert who used to do the movie reviews sold it at auction..

Where can you get a speedway Playstation 2 game?

Saturday Night Speedway in a PS2 version is $24.85 from amazon new and just a few dollars used plus shipping

What is Black Saturday in the Holy Week?

Black Saturday sometimes is used to refer to Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. It is rarely used, at least, in the United States.

What is the meaning of lilah tov?

That simply means "good night". It may be used in Hebrew-speaking society exactly as you would use "good night" among English speakers.

What day was the amphitheatre used?


Why are there no videos anywhere on the internet of Joe Piscopo as his Paulie Herman character from Saturday Night Live?

Many entertainers are willing to post their material online, while others are not. In some cases, it's the management of the artist who does not want the material posted, while in other cases, it's the network where the performer worked. There is also the possibility that an entertainer has become tired of a certain character that he or she used to perform, and no longer wants that material to be widely available. In the case of Joe Piscopo, he probably has a "greatest hits" video for sale, plus Saturday Night Live/NBC has made a number of programs available for purchase, some of which he is in. Thus, his management may believe it would hurt sales to give away too much of his work for free. The same has occurred with other Saturday Night Live artists like Jon Lovitz: some of his work is available on line, but much of it can only be seen by buying his Greatest Hits video.

You used meth for about 2 weeks on and off using a total of probably 1.5 grams last hit was on Saturday night will you pass a urine the following Friday 230pm?


Is Saturday an adverb?

No, it is not. Saturday is a proper noun, although it can be used in adverbial phrases to indicate time.