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Do you mean what does it mean, acording to me, There is no GP rating anymore, it is not used anymore, besides it mean General Patronage.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-20 22:00:04
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Q: What is the means of GP Rating?
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What is gp rating?

it means the ice cream man has to go play dollies with Selena Gomez

What is gp rating in merchant navy?

GP rating called as general purpose ratings or crew ratings. GP ratings are both in deck department & engine department. GP rating ranking consist of the unlicensed crew members who are under the supervision of the officers or engineers.

How much salary will get after completion of GP rating course?

How much salary will get after completion of GP rating course?Read more:How_much_salary_will_get_after_completion_of_GP_rating_course

What does the movie rating GP mean?

General Patronage, it is an older rating not in use any more.

What is 14k gold gp?

The gp means gold plated.

What are the posting of GP rating holders onboard the ships?

mangatok, mapintura at magmap....

What is the meaning of GP?

it means giant pussys

What does 18kgp means?

Means that that metal is not real is golden plated (gp)

What does gp mean in a crossword clue?

In most crosswords, a gp in lowercase in a clue means group.

What is 10kt gp?

It means 10kt Gold Plated..

On runescape what does gp mean?

"GP" refers to the game's currency -- "gold", "coins", "money", etc -- GP simply means either gold points or pennies.

What doe it means when you bleeding but it's not your period?

It means you should go see your GP

What does rating pending mean?

rating pending means that the esrb is still deciding on the rating

What does the rating rp mean?

RP means rating pending, or the rating is yet to be determined.

What does a credit rating of A mean?

Means the person with the A rating is trustable

What does GP mean in Fantasy Football?

It means Games Played.

What does it mean when you bleeding but your period not on?

It means you should go see your GP

What does GP means in medicine?

General Practitioner. AKA Family Doctor.

What GP mean?

it actually means gold pieces, which makes sense

What does 18k GP mean when stamped on a neckless?

it means gold plated

What does LP stand for related corporations?

It stands for "Limited Partnership" and in case you were wondering what GP means as well, GP stands for "General Partnership."

What safety rating system is used for children's helmets?

SHARP 5 Star Motorcycle Helmet rating system includes many different makes and models of the helmets and provides rating. Some of the models that scored a 5 in rating is the S4, S4 Stealth, GP Tech, GP5x.

What means the letters rp?

Rating pending, as in they still need to come up with a rating for it.

What is the rating TBC Mean?

It means 'To be confirmed' (The age rating on Games/DVD etc.)

What is k a rating?

k means for kids