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Q: What is the measure of electrical force and uses the v symbol?
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What area of science uses amps and ohms?

Amps, or amperes, are a measure of electrical current; ohms are a measure of electrical resistance. Both are widely used in physics.

Can you create energy with magnetic force?

Yes, an electrical generator uses magnetic fields to transfer mechanical energy into electrical energy.

What is a salinometer?

An instrument that uses electrical conductivity to measure the concentration of salt in a solution. Source:

Is mass a measure of force of gravity acting on the object?

No. Mass is a characteristic that exerts a force of gravity on another mass. The measure of force is the Newton. The Newton uses mass as part of the factors that go into the calculation.

What measures the force that air molecules uses to push on a surface?

The measure of the force with which air molecules push on a surface is air pressure. An instrument that is used to measure air pressure is a barometer.

Uses of voltmeter?

A voltmeter is used to measure the difference in electric potential ("voltage") between two points, usually but not necessarily in an electrical circuit..

What is impedance phlebography?

Impedance phlebography is a noninvasive test that uses electrical monitoring to measure blood flow in veins of the leg.

Is television an electrical or electronic device?

electrical and electronic is the same thing your TV uses electricity

What is neutral diction?

It means the author uses plain words, for example,The CARDIOLOGIST (a doctor that specializes in the heart) uses an ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (a machine) to measure the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES (the electricity of the heart when it beats) made by the heart as it beats.NEUTRAL DICTION- the DOCTOR uses a MACHINEthat can measure ELECTRICITY in the heart

Write the word electrical force in a sentence?

Volterage uses electric force because they do it together And they mone $^$^$%^$&%$^GFHTR B%^&#%7

What does 40 watts bulb mean?

An electrical watt is a measure of power. A 40 watt light bulb uses 40 watts of electrical power. It has a relative measure of twice the light output of a 20 watt bulb and one half the output of an 80 watt bulb. A 40 watt bulb uses 40 Joules of energy each second, or 40 watt-hours of energy each hour. In 1000 hours it uses 40 kilowatt-hours or Units of electrical energy.

What is measure of current?

The Ampere, also in shortened form 'Amp' or "A". It commonly uses the symbol "I" in calculations, hence Ohm's law is in the form V = I x R