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I do not know the median But Milton Academy Has The Third Highest Average SAT Score Nationwide The Rank Is Philips Exeter 2080 St.Paul's 2075 MIlton Academy 2060 .......(some schools) Philips Andover 2020 As a current student of MIlton Academy, i would say that Milton Academy is one of the best New England Prep schools, definitely top five. The main reason is because Milton is a place for the students to "Dare to be true", a place for us to be ourselves and cultivate our own interests. Student of MIlton Academy

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According to Phillips Academy Andover's website, in the academic year 2007-2008, 2,410 applications were submitted, and 474 were admitted. This is an acceptance rate of just under 20%. Of those 474 admitted, 350 matriculated, for a matriculation rate of 74%. It should be noted that these figures are not for one specific class (such as the class of 2012 that will be freshmen in the fall of 2008), but for applications to all 4 classes during the academic year 2007-2008. I have recently been accepted to Phillips Andover and there were approximately 300 students accepted into the 9th grade. 2009 has had the greatest amount of students who applies, 2700. 1 of 9 are accepted and that is an acceptance rate of 11%.

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Q: What is the median SAT score at Milton Academy?
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