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What is the medical condition of blood backing up in the lungs?


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the blood backs up in pulmonary circulation in conditions like Right heart failure; aortic stenosis etc


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a medical condition where there is fluid in your lungs

Anthracosis is the medical term meaning the condition of coal dust in the lungs. It is a specialized form of pneumoconiosis.

The correct spelling of the medical condition of the lungs is "bronchitis".

Any restrictive lung disease will prevent the lungs from expanding.

the chamber of the heart which receives oxygenated blood from the lungs is the left atrium

Coughing and spitting blood from the lungs is known as haemoptysis

Oxygen is carried in the body by the blood which gets the oxygen in the lungs and this blood is called oxygenated blood

It could possibly be caused by blood backing up in the lungs from the heart not pumping properly (Congestive Heart failure). the blood could be actually coming from the lungs and being coughed up

The blood carries oxygen to the lungs and not from the lungs.

blood going to the lungs is low in oxygen blood exiting the lungs is oxygen enriched

Without our lungs we would suffocate and die (unless there was a medical artificial means to oxygenate our blood - life support).

from the lungs to the heart -deoxygenated blood&from the heart to the lungs -oxygenated blood

A pulmonologist is the medical specialist who treats the lungs and trachea.

The blood leaving the lungs is loaded with oxygen, while blood entering the lungs is about to get oxygen from the respiratory system.

It depends blood doesnt go into the lungs but if your talking about how does blood travel threw lungs its by veins.

Oxygen never travels from blood to the lungs. Oxygen either goes from the lungs to the blood, or carbon dioxide goes from the blood into the lungs to be exhaled.

The condition of deficient oxygen is hypoxia, and the condition of no oxygen is anoxia. Blood cells are aerobic so they need oxygen to survive. If you have below normal oxygen levels, you're not providing your blood with its fuel; you're basically starving your blood cells. Blood delivers oxygen to your tissues before returning to your lungs to fill up again. So if your blood isn't getting enough oxygen, neither will any other part of your body.

The lungs would collapse in a medical condition known as pneumothorax.

Blood leaving the lungs is oxygenated

the heart pumps blood to the lungs.

Yes if you did not have quick medical attention, you could die from blood loss or from drowning (blood going into your lungs).

The two blood vessels are the pulmonary artery, that takes blood to the lungs, and the pulmonary vein that takes blood away from the lungs.

pulmonary artery carry deoxygenated blood to lungs and pulmonary vein carries oxygenated blood from lungs.

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