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As of June 4 2011 the melt value of a 90% silver half dollar is $13.13. See the related link below for a updated price. After clicking the link click on silver melt values at the top right of the page. Then scroll down to the link that says 1964 Kennedy half dollar.

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Q: What is the melt value of a 1964 Kennedy half dollar?
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What is the value of 1960 Kennedy half dollar?

Check that coin again. Kennedy wasn't put on the half dollar until 1964.

What is the value of a 1964 John F. Kennedy Half Dollar?


What is value of a 1963 Kennedy half dollar?

No 1963 Kennedy half dollars exist. 1963 is the last year of the Franklin half dollar. 1964 is the first year for Kennedy.

What is the value of 1964 circulated silver Kennedy half dollar?

About $6 for its silver content

How much is Kennedy 1964 half dollar in proof worth?

1964 proof Kennedy half dollars are not hard to find. Average retail value is $10.25 for most examples.

What is the value of the Kennedy half dollar dated 1964 down?

3-21-11~ 1964 is the first year the Kennedy half dollar was issued, it's very common and most are ony valued for the silver, about $10.00

What is the silver content a 1964 Kennedy half dollar?

The 1964 Kennedy half has .36169oz of pure silver in it.

How much is a liberty half dollar 1995 worth?

All US half dollars from 1964 to date have Kennedy on them, your 1995 half dollar is face value.

What is value of your 1964 Kennedy half dollar?

1964 is an extremely common date for Kennedy halves, but the coins are 90% silver. At present, one is worth about $10.

What is the value of 1964 circulated Kennedy silver dollar?

Please, turn the coin over and look at the denomination on the back. It's a HALF dollar, not a dollar. The 1964 Kennedy half is a 90% silver coin, but very common. The value would be only for the silver, about $15.00 as of 9-1-11.

What is the face value of a 1967 half dollar coin?

All U.S. halves from 1964 to date are KENNEDY half dollars.

What is a 1964 US Kennedy half dollar worth?

The 1964 Kennedy is very common, unless it's a super high grade coin the value is just for the silver, about $12.00.