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its 170'c for 10 min

answer 2 A complex mixture of materials such as a rubber tyre, will have a broad softening point, not a simple melting point of a single temperature.

A tyre is made of latex, carbon, chalk, vulcanizing agents, and a few others depending on intended service.

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Q: What is the melting point of rubber in tires?
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What is the melting point of rubber?

Rubber is a natural polymer and polymers usually don't have a sharp melting point on heating rubber becomes decomposed.

What the melting point of rubber?

rubber i a polymer and you know that polymer usually don't have a shape melting point and becomes decomposed

The Melting and boiling point of rubber?

56786546789 celciux

What is the melting and flash point of rubber?

10 degrees

What is the melting point of a rubber band?

it starts flowing at 200 Celsius so the melting point must near it.

When does rubber melt?

At its melting point. But some rubber formulas will char before reaching this temperature.

What is the difference between hard rubber tires and soft rubber tires?

The innate soft texture of the soft rubber tires differentiates the soft rubber tires from their closely-related hard rubber tires.

What type of compound will have a high melting point and conduct electricity?


What are tires made out of?

Rubber.Tires are made of rubber.

What tires are made of?

Rubber. Tires are made of rubber.

Are tires really made from trees?

Rubber comes from rubber trees, tires are made with rubber.

What kind of rubber are tires made of?

tires are made of latex rubber

What type of rubber is used for car tires?

Car tires are made of latex rubber.

Where are tires made?

Tires are made of rubber.

Did world war 1 planes have rubber tires?

yes most if not all had rubber tires

What are rubber tires made of?

Rubber car tires are made of various rubber compositions, often with steel cables or fibre belts inset in the rubber to strengthen it.

What plants are rubber tires made from?

rubber tree

What rubber is used to make car tires?


Is tire rubber biodegradable?

No, the rubber in tires is not biodegradable.

When did cars start having rubber tires?

Since cars were first made tires were always rubber.

What is the melting point of antifreeze?

* melting point - 70 * melting point - 70

How are car tires made?

tires are made out of rubber, in a factory

What is tires made of?

Tires are made of rubber, fabric and steel.

Why are tires made of rubber and not of iron?

In addition to providing better traction, rubber tires allow for softer riding.

How does a burn out ruin tires on race cars?

A burn out will ruin tires on race cars by burning up the rubber. The rubber of the tires will get worn from the friction of the pavement causing the tires to tear.