What is the merit list of BBA in 2009?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What is the merit list of BBA in 2009?
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Pl let you know your extended merit list rank in iit jee 2009 against your roll no 6083305?

JEE-2009 Extended Merit List RankRegistration Number : 6083305You are NOT in the merit list of JEE-2009. You are in the Extended Merit List of JEE 2009.Your Rank in Extended Merit List : E34824You Category Rank in Extended Merit List : --

Cut off list of merit list of btc 2009 for basti?

final merit list of BTC exam 2009 jaunpur.

Provisional merit list of mht cet 2009?

MHT-CET 2009 provisional list out visit-:

What is the 2009 merit list of UET Taxila?


What is the merit list of islamia college peshawar?

it was 900 in 2009 and 905 in 2010

Merit list for Bed counseling 2009-2010?

5ooo rank which college

What is the cut off for iitjee extended merit list 2009?

it is 137-150

What is the cutoff merit list of Balrampur 2009 vishisht BTC?

btc 2009 of balrampur female result

Is there any merit list of u p board 12 exam?

Merit list system has been scrapped from UP Board Examination system from 2009. From now onwards there will be no merit list. The reason given by the Board officials was "Publishing of merit list generates controversies, therefore the board is doing away with this system."

You are in extended merit list of iit-jee 2009 is it beneficial to go for iit counseling?

Extended merit list is drawn up after making some relaxation in aggregate marks and is used by other institutions for admission to their programmes. Please visit the link Extended Merit List for knowing the names of the institutions which will be using this merit list.

Extended merit list and preparatory merit list of ST category in iit jee Bombay 2009 your reg no 1155400?

See for details of institutes, you are eligible for admissions (which is again subjected to their respective merit list) BEST OF LUCK!!!

How different iits make merit list?

They all have the same merit list. There is no different Merit List.