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Kata- or Free form

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Q: What is the method of self defence without weapons called?
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What method can be called without the instance of a class?

static method

What is the best method of self defence for someone who has never taken a self defence class before?

Running. Without a doubt, getting away from the threat is the best option. Being able to avoid the threat before it is an issue is even better.If you are looking for what martial art to take, the most important aspect is the one you will study seriously and for the requisite amount of time.If there is no way to avoid conflict krav maga, if you can find it, is probably the best form of self defence for todays society. Krav maga is the official self defence of Isralie defence force. It teaches you to diarm men with modern day weapons like guns.

Does China have the capability of sending a nuclear weapon to the USA?

Yes. All countries with nuclear weaponry do, allies and enemies alike. Not just from land-based silos, but nuclear submarines can launch nuclear warheads from anywhere in the world's oceans.Nuclear weapons are not an offensive weapon, they are more or less a defensive weapon.Having nuclear weapons is a warning to your enemies. "We have nuclear weapons too, so if you drop a nuclear bomb on us, we can do the same to you".The only time they have been used as an offensive weapon is against Japan in World War Two. Nowadays they are just a method of defence, a psychological warning aimed at other countries with nuclear weaponry.However, other than a national defence method, nuclear weapons can also be used as a planetary defence method, to defend the Earth from asteroids on a crash-course with us. A multi-national effort can be put together amongst nuclear-ready nations to destroy the asteroid before it collides with Earth and wipes out all life.

How did the weapons and tactics improve the Romans performance?

They had a good method of defence which was where they would get together and make a tortoise shape so that they could not be attacked go to for a picture of the tortoise formation.

How do you pay violin without a bow?

You can pluck the strings with your fingers. This method is called pizzicato.

What is a horses main method of self defence if it gets attacked?


What has the author M Kawaishi written?

M. Kawaishi has written: 'My method of self-defence'

What is the method of growing crops without using chemical fertilizers is called?

This method is normally referred to as either organic farming or traditional farming.

What was the method of conflict in the cold war?

Nuclear weapons arms race

What best describes the survey method of research?

The survey method of research is sometimes called a census survey. It relies on people responses to questions either with or without explanation.

Factor label method?

It is also called "Dimensional Analysis". It is a problem-solving method that uses the fact that any numbers can be multiplied by one without changing its value.

Which research method involves watching behaviors occur without intervening or altering the behaviors in any way?

The research method that involves watching behaviors occur without intervening or altering them is called naturalistic observation. Researchers typically use this method to study behavior as it unfolds in its natural environment, without any manipulation or interference.