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It comes out as a 318/60r18

It comes out as a 318/60r18

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It comes out as a 318/60r18

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Q: What is the metric size of a 33 12.5 r18 in tire?
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What is the front tire size on a 420 cat loader backhoe?

although it depends on model one front tire size is 380/80-r18.

Can a 225 40 r18 tire replace a 215 45 r18 tire?

Yes. I've done it. Fits well.

Can a 235 55 R18 tire substitute a 215 55 R18 tire?

No, it will be too large a diameter tire. Handling, ride, mileage, & power will suffer. Also your speedometer will be off.

Can 235 55 r18 tires substitute for 235 50 r18 tires?

Can it? Yes. Should you use this size? No. Your speedometer will read 58 at a true 60 mph. Handling, performance, ride, and fuel mileage will be adversely effected. If you want to go to a 55 series tire then install size 215/55-18 which is an excellent substitute.

How many inches wide is a 265 50 r18 tire?

It is 265 mm wide = 10.43 inches (approx).

Can 225 55 R18 replace 215 55 R18 tires?

The equivalence is 225 50 R18 so that the diameter may be the same.

Can 225 60 R18 tires substitute 215 60 R16 tires?

NO , rim size is incorrect.

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Why are R18 video games banned in Australia?

It's not so much that we ban R18 games, it's just that we currently don't have an R18 classification.

What is the difference between 235 65 R17 and 245 70 r18?

235 / 65 / R17 is ( 29 inches in diameter and the tire section width is 9.3 inches ) 245 / 70 / R18 is ( 31.5 inches in diameter and the section width is 9.6 inches )

Can you use 265 65 r18 instad of 265 60 r18 tires?


What is the correct tire pressure for a low profile car tire 22514 R18?

It would depend on the vehicle. The manufacturer of that vehicle would have that info in the owners manual and/or posted in the drivers door jam area.

Can 225 55 R18 tires substitute 215 50 R18 tires?

Yes, that is reasonable

What is the box rated?


Can you fit 235 50 R18 winter tires on rims designed for 245 50 R18?

yes u can its still a 18 inch tyre it will be slightly narrower the correct size would be 235/55R18 but it would still fit.

Can 225 45 R18 tires substitute 225 50 R18 tires?

Yes, they can. They must be mounted as a pair.

What does the tire size 235 75 R15 mean?

235 is the width of the tire in millimeters (9.4 inches) 75 is an aspect ratio between height and width, basically it tells you how large the sidewall of your tire is in relation to the tires width. 75 % of 9.4 is 7.05 which is the distance from the tread of the tire to the opening for the rim. R15 is the diameter of the rim that will fit that size tire in inches. e.g. you would need 15 inch rims. Just to make sure you have it down, if you had a 240/70/R18 you would have a 240mm wide tire, with a 70% aspect ratio (height to width), with 18 inch rims. Hope this helps!

Can 245 45 r18 tires substitute 215 45 r18 tires?

Doubtful, that is a big change. You can usually go one size up or down with no problem, Not three.Doubtful, that is a big change. You can usually go one size up or down with no problem, Not three.

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What car uses tire size255-55-r18?

anything with an 18 inch rim that is close to that wide. You'd be surprised, tires can fit on most any rim if it just looks close.

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