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What is the metric system most commonly used for?

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The metric system is used for measuring anything and everything.

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Where is the metric system used?

Most of the (civilized) world. The US is the only significant non-conformer.The metric system is used in all countries except the United States, Burma and Libya.Metric system is used for scientists worldwide.The metric system is used everywhere. However it is not commonly used in the US

What unit is commonly used within the metric and the US systems of units?

Meters are commonly used inside the metric system, while they're equivalent in the Imperial (US) system is called feet.

In measurement what is 'L' abreviated for?

The "L" is in the metric system for liter, which is most commonly used with liquids.

Where is the metric system commonly used?

Almost everywhere, by almost everybody.

What comes after kilometers in the metric system?

Megameters; but this is not commonly used.

What units are commonly used for measuring volume in the metric system What tool is commonly used for measuring liquid volumes in the metric system?

measuring the volume of the metric system the bushel scale and is used by units of measurement that litters. ml. cubic inch. cubic meters. Decimeter cubic meters. It is.

What are the different system of measurement?

Most commonly Imperial and Metric, which is generally used in most all countries. But there is also many systems of measurement that tie in with science and physics which included, but are not limited to:the ancient systemthe medieval systemthe english systemthe metric systemthe international system

What is Australia's metric system?

There is basically ONE metric system currently used worldwide. It is called the SI. All countries that use "the metric system" are really using the SI. Other metric systems were used in the past, but they are not commonly used in any country.

Which unit is commonly found only in the Metric System?

The metric system uses kilograms, seconds and meters. Meters is a measurement typically used only in the metric system.Some units in the metric system are meters, centimeters, millimeters, and liters.

How much 1 is a meter?

Uh, first it's much not munch. Second, a meter is part of a measuring system called the Metric System. It includes: Millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, decameters, hectometers, and kilometers. The meter is in the center of the system. Just as a foot is the most commonly used distance in the American system, the meter is the most commonly used in the Metric System. And thirdly, a meter is equal to 1.0936 yards.

Which is used more the metric system or the English system?

The metric system (SI, to be precise) is used everywhere in the scientific community, and most of the units are used in practice in most countries of the world.

What measuring system is the most used worldwide?

Most of the world uses the metric system for measurement. The main units used outside of the U.S.A. is the metric system or SI (System Internationale).

What are the two systems of measurement commonly used in the world?

The system of measurement commonly used in most of the world is the SI or Metric system. Aside from that one, there are various others that are used in small areas by relatively few people. One of those is the "English" system, used in Burma, Liberia, and the USA.

What metric unit used for determining length?

The most commonly used metric units for length are Millimetres, Centimetres, Metres and Kilometres.

Why you need the metric system?

It is found throughout the world (everywhere other than the US) and is most commonly used in weight measurements. For example, grams, milligrams, Kilograms. Centuries and decades are based on the metric system as well.

How does the name SI relate to the Metric System?

SI, the abbreviation for Systeme International (French), refers to the International System of Weights and Measures and is commonly referred to as the metric system. It includes the standard units of measurement used in most countries except the U.S.

Where is the metric system used the most?

The metric system is used all over the world.

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