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Not only in Australia, but they have a minimum age throughout. Te age is defined to be 13 years. Below that, no one is allowed to have a Gmail account.


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Yes, there is a minimum age to have a Gmail account in Australia. Actually the minimum age is not local but global. The age is set to be 13 years or older.

You have to be a minimum age to use Gmail. The age defined by Google is 13 years old. It is the minimum age below which Gmail account cannot be created.

You have to attain a minimum age to make a Gmail. The age of creation of Gmail is 13 years. You can easily create a account after that.

As far as I'm aware there is no minimum age for someone to set up a gmail account.

For most countries including the United States, the minimum age to own a Google account is 13. The age varies slightly in some countries, for example in Spain and South Korea the minimum age is 14 and in the Netherlands the minimum age is 16.

18 is not the minimum age to make Gmail. The age defined to make it is 13. You can make if you're greater than 13 years old.

No, it is not legal to create a account at 10. The minimum age should be 13 to create it. Below that, i.e. 10 you can't create an account.

To be old enough to have the age to have a Gmail account at a certain age, the certain age you must be to have the age of thirteen (13) years of age.

The age restriction is 13 years for Gmail. It is the minimum age for joining Gmail. Below 13 years, no one is allowed to join.

Kids are not that much aware about mailing services. Moreover the minimum age defined is 13 years. So kids are not able to make Gmail accounts.

I'm pretty sure it's 13 or older...But I might be wrong. This could be for a google account.Hope this helps! :)

No, you can make a Gmail account before 18 years too. You can make an account when you are 13 years. The age of making a Gmail account was decided by Google itself.

To have a Gmail, you cannot be under 13. This age is decided by Google keeping various things in mind. After this age you're legal to join Gmail.

The age limit to create a gmail account is same in India as worldwide. Age age is decided to be 13 years. A child has to be more than 13 to join Gmail.

you can create a gmail account legally at the age of 18

Yes, the TOUs of GMail in your country clearly state a minimum age; normally of 13 years. The minimum age is determined by your country laws.

You have to be a minimum 13 years to create a Gmail. The Gmail has decided this age for children. It is because children before this age cannot understand all features.

No, gmail accounts can be created after a certain age only. The age prescribed for Gmail is 13 years. Before that, you cannot create a profile,

You have to be a minimum of 13 years as per Google. The thing is not mentioned anywhere on Google. However it is on YouTube and YouTube is also a Google Product.

You must be at least thirteen years of age to have a google G-mail account.

There is no age limit to having a Google or GMail Account. You actually have to be 13 years or older.

13 is the threshold age that should be to create an account. Children below 13 are not aware of the rules of using Gmail. Thus after 13 you can make an account.

you can be any age but you have to have a mobile phone!

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