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Q: What is the minimum course requirements for Harvard university?
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Does Harvard University offer a RN course?

no it does not

What are the minimum requirements for teaching at university of Phoenix?

To maintain its accreditation, University of Phoenix requires that all instructors have an advanced degree. You must also have relevant work experience in the course that you want to teach.

Is Harvard a good medical school?

Of course!Harvard is an amazing school.I think that Harvard Medical is a good school for all of us.

Minimum requirements to clear the exam of b com hon 2009?

i want to knw about the minimum requirement for the course of

What score need SATsubject test Math 2c and Bio M for Harvard university?

800 of course

Where I can find an algebra online course?

Famous universities like Harvard are providing online course in algebra. You can also look for free courses online. Go to Harvard university website. Also refer for details.

Is Harvard a high school?

Actually, yes. There is a Harvard High School in Harvard, Nebraska. Harvard is also, of course, the name of the world-renowned university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What are the course requirements for Brown University?

You should browse the Brown University! Everything that you need is in the Application part of the site!

Can Indians study in Harvard law?

Of course not, silly! Of course Indians can go to Harvard! Everyone can g to Harvard if they study!!

Where what college was Obama a professor?

Barack Obama was a professor at the University of Chicago Law School. This was after he left Harvard and had written Dreams from My Father. Of course he had received a J.D. from Harvard with high honors.

University of Miami math requirements for enterance?

You have to have good grades of course, So if you're grades are good enough you have to keep them that way, because they will know if you have been slacking off. My cousin tried to go to Harvard university, and would have got in but he slacked off a bit in the end of his 12'th grade year.

Will universities popularity affect students job application?

Of course, who would you hire first, a Harvard grad or a Phoenix University grad?