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Q: What is the minimum fall for 4 sewer line?
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What is the minimum fall for a 4 inch sewer pipe?

1/8" per foot.

Should there be standing water in the sewer pipe to the street?

No, there shouldn't be any standing water in a sewer line, this is what creates bad bacteria and disease. All waste needs to go down a sewer line and disappear ito the street sewer line. If this is the case, either you have a slight blockage or the sewer line gradient is incorrect. The correct ratio for the gradint of a sewer line must be 1:40 (meters) simpler measurement for slope is 1/4" per foot(ideal). absolute minimum 1/8" per foot(not recommended except where not avoidable)

What size main sewer line is required to have 3 toilets in a house?

3" house (building) drain allowable. 4" building sewer line needed for house from sewer main.

What is the fall on a sewer pipe?

1/4" per foot normally

What size should a sewer pipe be in a house?

It should be 3" minimum, preferably 4.

Why is sewer water coming out of a pipe in your backyard?

A 3 or 4 inch pipe sticking straight up out of the ground? This is the clean out for the sewer line. If sewage is coming out of it, this means the sewer line is clogged or collapsed from there to the main city sewer. If you have a septic tank, the tank is full and needs to be pumped out.

What is minimum fall for 4 inch soil pipe?

1/8 inch fall for every foot of run is the ICC code minimum, but I would prefer 1/4 inch fall.

How far can a basement toilet be from the main sewer line?

if you are fitting a maserator unit like Saniflo you can go horizontally up to 100 meters or vertically up to 4 meters but you must have a 1 in 200 gravity fall on the horizontal there is no certain distance it can be from the main. it all depends on the fall and how deep your sewer is, however it does matter how many bends your line has. It shouldn't exceed 135 degrees or 100' without a cleanout.

Should you use 3 or 4 sewer line in your home?

Never,ever less then 4 " and a 3" FAI

What is the correct fall per for sewer 3 pipe?

1/8" to 1/4" inch per foot.

How many line segment are in a rhombus?

minimum of 4

Can you use a 3 inch pipe as sewer line?

In Tulsa Oklahoma you can, but i would still use 4 in.