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10 - 15 liters per minute

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Q: What is the minimum oxygen flow when using a non rebreather face mask?
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How you can take oxygen?

by using an oxygen cylider. The oxygen is ditributed down the tubing that has a face mask attached or via a nasel canula.

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How many litres of oxygen is 28 % using a face mask?

What is the method by which you administer supplemental oxygen to a hypoxia patient depends mostly on the?

The method for administering supplemental oxygen to a hypoxia patient primarily depends on the patient's condition and the level of oxygen needed. Factors such as the severity of hypoxia, respiratory status, and the patient's ability to breathe independently will determine whether low-flow oxygen through nasal cannula, face mask, or high-flow oxygen systems like non-rebreather masks or mechanical ventilation are required.

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What is a reservoir bag used for on a standard non-rebreather oxygen mask?

Possibly one reason could be to help monitor respiration. This could provide a visual clue to inspiration. But, the reservoir bag is to collect oxygen and thus keep a free flowing "reservoir" of oxygen for the patient to draw from as they inhale all the avilable air within the mask itself. There are exhaust valves located on either side of the face mask to exhale the CO2 and keep from drawing in room-air. Or even rebreathing the CO2.

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