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What is the minimum salary of marine engineer in india-?


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The minimum salary of a marine engineer in India is 900000 Rupees.


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900000 Rupees is the minimum salary of a marine engineer in India.

marine engineer on board a vessel (ship) salary as per the rank

it is based on your skills and experience.the average income for a marine engineer is 40000 to 50000 per will increase as per your skill and by qualification in marine engineering

In India A chemical engineer can start his career with near 2.4 LPA.

Minimum 4 Lacks per year (starting Salary).

in India the the top mnc's company gives minimum 3.5 lack in on campus placement graduate and 3 lack off campus ... and after it the normally companies gives minimum 10,000 gross salary on monthly wages to a graduate person. its very true fact.

It depends. The full survey is attached in the related links.

i don't any body know?.please answer it.

It is depending on the experience & in which civil field you have pracitsed.

6 lakh to 12 lakh perannum

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It depends on the capability of the person . In assam it is nearly r million annually

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Only Companies can approach branch for opening Salary Accounts. Criteria: Minimum No. Of Employees: 10 Minimum Accumulated salary of all employees: Rs.1,00,000 Vivek@SBI

its highly paid job in usa.i think in india,it will have minimum 50000 per month.

salary in 1 year train. is 6.75lpa after train. 12-15lpa according to field

It starts with Rs. 15,000 - 20,000.After you have earned a name in this field, the income can be unpredictably high. i hope this web site will give you more insight to your question

A diploma civil engineer will earn about $300 in a month after completion of the MS-P course in Bangalore India.

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