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What is the model year of your browning light twelve 12310255?


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The Browning light twelve shotguns serial numbers do not go that high.Please check and see if there are any letters in your serial number,or before or after your serial number.

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The light twelve refers to this shotgun being a light weight model of the Browning auto-5 shotgun.The difference in weight was 10oz.

This gun was made in 1963. It is a "Light Twelve" model

If you own a model auto-5?Then I show your serial number indicates a standard model in 12ga that was made in 1953.If it is a light twelve it should have a L prefix to the serial number.

With the serial number L52017,your Browning auto-5 light weight model shotgun was made by FN of Belgium for Browning in the year 1955.

The answer to your question is yes.The browning lightweight (light 12 or light 20)could be ordered from FN with a vent rib barrel.These browning lightweight model auto-5 shotguns were made between 1967-1976.

This sounds like a Browning Auto-5 Light 12 model with a serial number that starts with "L" and 437 is part of the serial number as well. Please provide more info

Your Browning light weight model auto-5 shotgun should have the letter L ahead of this serial number(L4968).If so,this indicates that your shotgun was made in the year 1954.

By this serial number for an Auto5, the gun should be a Light Twelve 12 guage model made in 1956. It is not a Sweet 16.

My historical references indicate that the Browning light weight (light 12,or light 20) had the gold plated trigger from the time of there introduction.This would be 1947 for the 12 gauge model,and 1958 for the 20 gauge model.

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

The light 12 was introduced in 1947 until 1998 when the gun was discontinued as a regular model in the Browning Line. Japanese production began in 1976, all before then were Belgian. A few custom guns were made in Herstal after 1976, but they were exceptions and special commemoratives.

The prefix 4G indicates that your Browning light weight model auto-5 shotgun was made in the year 1964.

While you do not say what model of browning you have?The L prefix was assigned to the browning auto-5 light weight shotgun.Your serial number indicates that your browning light weight auto-5 shotgun was made by FN of belguim for browning in 1953.

The word Citori is the name of the model of Browning you have.

If your Browning light weight auto-5 shotgun is a light weight model,your serial number will have a prefix of the letter L,or letter G,or a combination of number and letter such as 8G.or 69G etc.If you have no letter prefix,or number,or number letter combination.Please re check and post a correct full serial number to get the correct year of manufacture.

No such model in the Browning line.

Your Browning light weight 12ga shotgun which was produced in the year 1950,will be valued at between 340-450 dollars for a shotgun showing between 60%-90% of its original finish.If you have a vent rib barrel light weight 12ga model the price will be between 415-630 dollars for the same amount of finish as quoted above.

AFAIK, Browning never made a model 810.

You will have to call Browning. That model number is not published.

Your prefix to the serial number,which is read as Zero G indicates that you have a Browning auto-5 light weight model shotgun,that was made in the year 1960.The letter G designates that your shotgun is a light weight model.

Without a detailed description of all markings and features; 100-1000 USD

Your light weight model auto-5 was made in 1959.

Yes.Your Browning flat knob light weight auto-5 shotgun could be had with either a plain,or vent rib barrel.

1994. You will have to call Browning to find out the model

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