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Molarity is a concentration unit of solutions, pure benzene is not a solution so this term is meaningless for a pure liquid.

In other words:

Molarity of a solution is a numerical way of saying exactly how much solute is dissolved in a solvent .Molarity is equal to the moles of solute divided by the liters of solution. Molarity of a solution can be calculated by using the following formula:

M= moles of solute/liters of solution

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the molarity of water is 55.5.

yes benzene is pure substance with chemical formulaC6H6

Benzene is a liquid, not a metal.

Benzene is an organic substance, a hydrocarbon.

Molarity of water is 55.5 mol/L

Benzene is a pure substance.

Neither or both; Benzene C6H6 is a pure compound, not a mixture, thus the liquid and gas state are homogenous. Solid state could be multi-crystalline, but not sure about that (at least depending on low temperature)

A given sample of butane might contain traces of benzene, but pure butane does not.

No, Benzene is a non-polar compound Almost non polar liquid.

Ethane is soluble in a liquid hydrocarbon, such as benzene or gasoline.

A pure liquid is a liquid that is not contaminated with any other compound. If water is pure water, then it is a pure liquid. However, shampoo is not a pure liquid.

The concentration of a substance dissolved in a liquid.

The concentration of a substance dissolved in a liquid.

The Concentration of a substance dissolved in a liquid

no shampoo is not a pure liquid

No, benzene is not considered an electrolyte. A container of liquid benzene will not contain free ions to support the flow of electric current, so it is, therefore, not an electrolyte.

The number of moles of the compound in question per liter liquid.

The melting point of Benzene is 5.5 and its Boiling point is 80.1. So, Below 5.5 , Benzene is a solid. Between 5.5 and 80.1 Its a liquid. After 80.1 Benzene is a Gas..

the amount of a substance dissolved in a liquid

The amount of a substance dissolved in a liquid

benzene has, 1- a liquid state, 2- a specific smell, 3- an aromatic character and 4- carcinogenic properties.

Benzene = Benzol = Cyclohexatriene are three names. It is clear, colorless and a Highly Flammable liquid. POISONOUS !!!

Can i conclude that this liquid is pure water?

A liquid with two layers will form because water is polar and benzene is nonpolar. The two are not miscible.