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Methanol has a tetrahedral shape. Oxygen by itself would have a bent shape when bonded with hydrogen and carbon

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Q: What is the molecular shape of the oxygen in methanol?
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What is the shape of oxygen?

oxygen doesnt have a molecular shape unless you are talking about oxygen gas, then it is O-O.

What is oxygen dibromide molecular shape?

Oxygen Dibromide would have a Linear shape, with a bond angle of 180o.

Is methanol an ionic or molecular compound?

Molecular. Rubbing alcohol is isopropanol, with chemical formula C3H8O, which can also be written as (to show better how the atoms are connected): (CH3)2CHOH. Molecular compounds are between non-metals only. Rubbing alcohol contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which are all non-metals.

What is the molecular shape for OF2?

Oxygen fluoride is a bent molecule.

What is methanol's shape?

methanol is liquid

What elements are in wood alchohol?

"Wood alcohol" is more systematically named methanol, has the molecular formula CH4O, and contains the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

What is the molecular shape of HClO?

It is a bent molecule because of Oxygen's lone pairs

How many oxygen atoms are in methanol?

one per molecule.

Which substance exists as a molecular compound?

methanol (CH4O)

What is the molecular shape of sulfur trioxide?

2 hydrodren atoms bond with an oxygen atom

Does methanol have a higher boiling point than water?

water have inter molecular hydrogen bonding whereas in methanol there is intra molecular hydrogen bonding.the oxygen atom and hydrogen of other molecule have electrostatic force of attraction in water and forms bridge between each other and form an associated structure thus it has more b.p

What compounds are found in methanol?

Methanol is an alcohol and consists of carbon,hydrogen and oxygen its formula is CH3OH