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Accident insurance is typically very cheap because it restricts coverage to a claim involving death resulting from an accident which has a low statistical probability. Whether or not a man is "healthy" is of no relevance for "accident insurance".

There are actuarial tables available that show the chance of death by accident by age and gender.

If you are asking about "accident insurance" that will replace your income if you are hurt in an accident, that is typically very cheap as well.

I am certain that you can get instant online insurance quotes for "accident insurance" if you use a search engine to seach the phrase "buy accident insurance"

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What's the average cost for individual dental insurance?

The average monthly cost for DHMO dental insurance is $14.19 a month. The average monthly cost for DPPO dental insurance is $43.64 a month. You can expect to pay around $1 per day for dental insurance.

What is the average cost of Home owner's insurance?

The average monthly cost of home owner's insurance is aproximately $250,000 a month.

Whose insurance should you call after an accident?

After an accident, all parties involved with the accident should exchange insurance information. Typically, the insurance companies will talk to each other about repairs and cost.

On average what is the insurance cost due to alcohol related accidents?

it depends on what accident in Florida the insurance would cost your butt.

How much would the lowest cost PPO dental insurance be for an individual?

The lowest cost PPO dental insurance differs by whether you join by a monthly plan or a yearly plan. A monthly plan can cost as low as $6 and a yearly plan as low as $72.

How much does personal accident insurance cost?

Personal accident insurance is often available in conjunction with travel or rental car purchases. The cost can vary based on which insurance company is providing the coverage but is relatively low, perhaps $10-20 per day.

How can one reduce the insurance cost?

The insurance cost can typically be lowered by avoiding accidents that require insurance payments for an extended period of time. After a certain amount of time has passed without an accident, the insurance cost should go down.

What can truck insurance do for you?

Truck insurance can help you pay for the damage cost if you get in accidents. If you own a truck, it is a good idea to get insurance for it in case you do get in an accident.

What is the average monthly cost for life insurance?

The average monthly cost of life insurance depends on a number of factors. There is no specific average monthly cost for life insurance for several reasons: 1. There are many type of life insurance. 2. Rates for life insurance vary by insurance company. 3. Several factors are considered when determining your life insurance rate, including: your age, gender, occupation, health, family health history, height-to-weight ratio, smoker/non-smoker, type of life insurance, amount of life insurance, premium payment option, hobbies, among other things.

Is Factory insurance fixed cost?

Factory insurance is considered a fixed cost within a monthly or annual budget. When putting together a budget that goes longer than one year factory insurance would not be considered a fixed cost.

what is your monthly cost ?

what is your monthly cost ?

How much does home building insurance usually cost?

There are numerous policies you can buy for home building insurance. So depending on the structure itself you may need a more basic policy which will give you a less premium and monthly cost or a more detailed which will then mean a higher premium and monthly cost.

What is the monthly cost of life insurance in Chicago?

The monthly cost of life insurance in Chicago will vary by individual. In order to find out how much life insurance would cost you can contact a local life insurance agent, or request free life insurance quotes online from a website that offers quotes. Paying premiums on an annual basis instead of monthly may save you some money. Factors that effect your life insurance cost include: Your age, gender, height-to-weight ratio, health, family health history, amount of coverage, type of policy, occupation, and hobbies, among other things.

where can i get insurance that covers all auto repairs ?

US Fidelis offers insurance for auto-repairs. They pay the repair shop while you pay your monthly insurance cost to them

What is the purpose of an accident sickness insurance?

Nowadays the cost of hospitalization can cost you more than your average earning per month. That is why there is an accident and sickness insurance combine to help you pay for any unexpected medical expense without breaking that much off your savings.

How much monthly does insurance cost for a ferrari?

well, it depends on the coverage, but is around 3-4 thousands

Who pays for hospital cost after a car accident if the driver doesn't have insurance?

You do and then turn around and sue the driver for the cost of your medical care.

If you hit your own garage door will insurance pay?

Yes, your insurance company will pay for your accident if you caused it, but your insurance will increase. You may want to weigh the cost of covering it yourself and filing it on your insurance.

Why you need car insurance?

The reason you need car insurance is for protection for both you and other parties. Without insurance, if you were involved in an auto accident, you would have to take the responsible party to court, which cost you time and money. Insurance covers this cost, as well as it finicially protects you. if you were found at fault for an accident, and did not have insurance, you would be responsible for all the damages and medical expenses for all parties involved. This could end up costing you several thousand dollars, which most of us could not afford. Insurance covers this cost, as well as insures that if you are injuried in an accident that wasnt your fault, that you are fully compensated for your injuries

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