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What is the moral of the fairy tale Rapunzel?

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Yes, the story "Rapunzel" is a fairy tale.

It is a fairy tale that have a moral in it, meaning that it teaches people a moral lesson.

rapunzel, rumpelstiltskin..

Try searching Project Gutenberg. The most popular Rapunzel version is that of The Grimm brothers.

Rapunzel a German fairy tale and was first published in 1812 as part of Children's and Household Tales. The story was written by the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, commonly known as the Brothers Grimm.

no.She is a fairy tale character that small children :(

Germany, during the Medieval times

Rapunzel, Rupunzel let down your hair

YES!! that has never true but the long hair of rapunzel can actually be true. but if you are are asking that the rapunzul is fairy tale it is just a story..

According to the fairy tale, Rapunzel hung her own, long hair out of the tower window. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair That I may climb the golden stair.

Rapunzel is a type of plant. It is more commonly called rampion. The leaves and roots are edible. According to the fairy tale, Rapunzel was named after the pretty flowers of this plant.

The moral of the fairy tale Godfather Death is that you shouldn't make deal with the devils. If the deal is too good to believe, it probably isn't true.

Rapunzel, a German fairy tale was in a collection assembled by the Brothers Grimm, and first published in 1812 as part of Children's and Household Tales.

Snow White Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty Jasmine Belle

Her name is Rapunzel. This is a very old fairy tale, as in the version Persinette (1698).

The correct spelling of the proper noun is Rapunzel(long-haired fairy tale princess).

No. The hare and the tortise is not a fairy tale because it does not have magic or spells or whatever. It is a fable because it gives you a moral.

Neither. It's a Norwegian fairy tale, or folk tale, with a moral, as in all such tales. Legends and myths claim truth, whereas the truth that a fairy tale contains is a moral truth.

I highly doubt it, since the story line is more about the classical fairy tale, "Rapunzel."

A fairy tale usually has one of two or both of these purposes. To put a child to sleep, or to give a moral, the lesson of a story.

It's likely that there were several such fairy tales, and the tale of Sampson in the Bible is one example.Your question probably specifically refers to the fairy tale of Rapunzel, who was a young lady kept in a tower that would lower her hair for her suitor to climb into her window upon.

A fairy tale novel is a novel that is about a fairy tale, a novel that takes place in a fairy tale, a novel that has to do with a fairy tale, a novel that is a fairy tale, or a novel that is a fairy tale that may be extended

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