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The moral of The King of Elfland's Daughter is to be careful what you wish for, and the importance of fully committing to the choices you make. It was written by Edward Plunkett.

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What kind of story has a moral at the end?

a moral comes at the end of a fable

Moral lesson of the story rappaccini's daughter?

The moral of Rappaccini's Daughter, is that it is wrongful of humans to try to change, or improve, nature. People who are pretentious and arrogant and try to "be God," can result in death for punishment.

Text book questions answer for Lord ullin's daughter?

moral of the story

What kind of quantity of preposition is every man is moral?

Since "Not every man is moral" then Every man is moral is Particular.

What is the moral lesson of the enchanted horse?

to be kind

Is it reasonable to make the marriage between my son and daughter of my elderbrother's daughter?

In the uk - cousins marrying is not illegal but people have varying moral view points on it

What moral lesson can you get from Sounds of Sunday?

What kind of question is that

The North viewed slavery as what kind of issue?


What kind of book is the boy in the striped pajamas?

Its a moral

How do you use sniveling in a sentence?

Example sentence - His daughter is a sniveling bratty teenager with no moral compass.

What is the moral lesson of epic bidasari?

if u have beautiful daughter, dont let the palace know about it.

What was the moral for Tantalus?

The moral is that when you become to selfish, it affects more people than just you. After Tantalus died his evilness had been passed down to his daughter and then to her kids and their kids.

What kind of daughter does Jing-mei's mother suggest she wants?

An obedient daughter

In the mothers opinion what kind of daughter is the narrator?

The mother thinks of her daughter as a(n) disobedient daughter who follows her own mind.

How is your daughter related to your cousin?

The daughter of a First Cousin is a First Cousin Once Removed. The daughter of a Second Cousin is a Second Cousin Once Removed The daughter of any kind of cousin Once Removed is the same kind of cousin Twice removed.

What kind of love does a father show his daughter?

the tender making love kind

Why did Carl Orff reject his daughter?

Carl Orff rejected his daughter because he did not want any personal (or moral) responsibilities and whenever he did something irresponsible he expected people to forgive him.

What kind of stories did Aesop write?

he wrote fables which always had a moral

What is Hestia's moral?

To help people, and be kind. But now look where that got her...

What is the moral of a myth?

There were no morals in myths. They were just stories of Gods and were told. They are kind of like the bible, for the bible has no 'moral' it just tells a story

How many daughter cell are created from mitosis and cytokinesis?

2 daughter cells are created. Kind of obvious.

What is the moral of the bishop's candlestick by Norman mckinnell?

the moral is that one man's kindness can change the wrong feelings of the other and can really make him kind too.

Is never say never a moral?

Never Say Never came from Justin's heart and i love it and i would say it does kind of teach you stuff but no it is not a moral.

Moral lesson on the forth kind?

expect the unexspected and be very very careful

What is the role of a daughter in a family?

the daughter has to be a responsible and kind person who would take care and help her parents in anything

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