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it is katsuma. poppet used to be till 2010, when many adopted the katsuma moshi. it is the most popular, and has been the most adopted for a while. find me! terra0523, and baconjail.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-24 22:33:05
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Q: What is the most adopted moshi poppet or katsuma?
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Are katsuma's or poppet's the most chosen?

Katsuma's are them most popular but the Poppet is the 2nd most adopted monster.

What is the most popular monster on moshi?

Katsuma, poppet, diavlo, luvli, furi and zommer, in that order

What is the most popular adopted moshi monster?

Well I'm not sure but the Poppet and Luvli are popular with girls, while the Zommer, Furi and Katsuma are popular with boys. The diavlo is popular with both boys and girls. A recent survey with the question : if you could keep a moshi monster for a real life pet, which would it be? the poppet is currently the most popular, with the Katsuma close behind. The monster with the least votes was the Zommer.

What monster is the most popular?

Poppet is one of the most popular, or katsuma. :D x

What is the most popular color for a Katsuma on Moshi Monsters?

The most common Katsuma colour is purple and green.

What is the most cute moshi monster?

Poppet is probably the cutest moshi monster.

Which monster is most picked on Moshi Monsters?

I would say Katsuma

What is the popular moshi monster?

The most popular monster is Katsuma, add me on moshi monsters my name is sammilebeg

Which monster in Moshi Monsters is the cutest?

The Moshi Monsters Poppet has been said to be the cutest of all Moshi Monsters. It is the second most popular of the other types, so no wonder it is popular if it is cute! Another opinion: Well, the choices are Zommer, Luvli, Diavlo, Furi and Poppet, so I'd have to say Poppet.

What are all the last names of all of the moshi monsters?

Players on Moshi Monsters give their Moshi Monster a name when they first adopt it. Most monsters are only given one name and do not have a "last name". However, you could consider their last name to be the name of their monster species or type. So the monster's last names would be Luvli, Furi, Katsuma, Poppet, Zommer, or Diavlo.

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