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What is the most common bedtime snack?

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Well, I'd probally have to say that milk and cookies are the most popular bedtime snack. I mean, who doesn't love the classic dunk?

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Name something a child asks for just to delay his bedtime?

hugs/kisses snack read bedtime story drink

What do elves eat for a bedtime snack?

elves eat cookies like santa

Why does diabetic menu include a snack at bedtime?

to maintain the blood glucose at night

Is it okay to feed your child a snack right before bedtime if they are asking for a healthy snack?

Yes. It's fine to give your kid a small snack before they go to bed.

What are the names of meals in a day?

breakfast, lunch, dinner? Breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Supper. Late-night snack or bedtime snack. Snack (meals in between meals)

Is snack a common noun?

Yes, snack is a common noun, a singular noun.

What is the most common job in Bulgaria?

most people work in snack barsladies:resturantsmen:beer shops

Is bedtime a proper noun?

Bedtime is a common noun. It is also not capitalized unless it is part of a title (Bedtime Stories), or the first word of a sentence.

What is the most popular snack?

the most popular snack is LEMONS

What is the most popular snack in the us?

The most popular snack in the us is gum

How is glutethimide taken?

The medication is taken orally and dosage is on an individual basis, however, the most common dosage is 500mg (mg = milligrams) at bedtime.

What is the most healthiest snack in the world?

the healthies snack is popcorn with no butter........

What are the release dates for Common Ave- - 2003 Snack Attack?

Common Ave- - 2003 Snack Attack was released on: USA: 10 May 2004

What is America's top snack company?

little debbie, because it is a vary common snack and it has a big portion of it in stores

What are the compound words that ends with time?

chow-time, nighttime, bedtime, dinnertime, lunchtime, breakfast-time, overtime, double-time, snack-time, kill time

What are ants favorite snack?

An ants favorite snack is probably honeydew, it can be found on most trees.

What is the best time of day to eat?

My doctor tells me that you should eat 6 small meals per day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, bedtime snack). This practice increases your metabolism. <><><><><> It also is consistent with the diabetic diet, something that is actually good for all of us - it evens out our blood sugar levels along with our insulin demands.

What are some remedies to cure insomnia?

People suffering from insomnia can use some home remedies to help them sleep. Some remedies for insomnia include: get comfortable, limit caffeine and alcohol, keep normal schedule, establish bedtime ritual, little sugar, have bedtime snack, take melatonin supplements, and valerian herbs.

What is a popular nicaraguan snack?

The word snack means a casual meal. The Nicaraguan people, for the most part, are incredibly poor, and I couldn't find anywhere that they ever have the luxury of snack foods.

How do you abbreviate bedtime?

HS means taken at bedtime

What is santa doing at bedtime?

At your bedtime he will be Eating Mincepies.

Its my bedtime in Korean?

its my bedtime = 그것의 내 취침

What is 'bedtime' when translated from English to Italian?

"Bedtime" in English is ora di andare a dormire in Italian.

What is a healthy bedtime snack?

You really shouldn't eat anything 2 hours before bed, but if you do eat something, eat something very small that is not fatty or doesn't contain very much sugar.

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