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cape verdian

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Q: What is the most common name for people in Cape Verde?
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Sports in cape verde?

Foods in cape verde games in cape verde popular stores in cape verde and also soccer.

Is nani a black person?

He is black, but not fully, he hails from Cape Verde. Most people in Cape Verde are mixed (Black African/Portuguese White).

Most visited islands in the world?

Cape Verde Islands

What people eat in cape verde?

cape Verdean people eat things such as goat, fish and what ever they can find or can trade with. most of the time they eat lamb and goat fro breakfast.

Which country has most beautiful people?

I know that Cape Verde, Brazil, and some Hispanic countries are deffinally ones of those countries.

How did Roman Catholic influenced cape Verde?

I'm Cape Verdian and a Catholic, and it influenced Cape Verde by giving us faith in Christ to receive him in the most blessed sacraments, the religion also influenced us to always have hope and to know God is with us!

Name all of the islands of Africa?

Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Seychelles, the Comoros, Mauritius, Madagascar. Obviously, these are the six countries. Most of them comprise more than just one island.

When is the Cape Verde hurricane season?

August 15-September 30 is on average the most active period but they can form in July or October occasionally. For instance in 2005, Hurricane Emily was a Cape Verde hurricane in mid-July and in 2011, Hurricane Sean formed in late October.

What is the most common tree found in deserts?

Joshua trees and Palo Verde.

Why were Portuguese sailors to scared of sailing to far south?

SHARKS at cape verde the southest point in Africa is the most populated place in the world with sharks

Where are octopuses found most?

Octopus are found in the eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea, the southern coast of England and Senegal in Africa. It's also found in the Azores, Canary Islands, and Cape Verde Islands.The species is also common in the Western Atlantic.

What animal is the most common in the Southern Ocean?

the most common animal in the southern ocean is the Cape Petrel