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steak and kidney

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What is the most expensive pie?

The most expensive pie is a pie at the Fence Gate inn, Burnley Lancashire, England

What is a famous pie in the US?

apple pie is common but the most popualar is pumpkin pie

How can you use your pie graph to determine which elements are most common?

The bigger the slice in the pie, the more common is the element.

What is the most common dessert in England?

There's probably not just one common dessert in England. The following are always very popular: rice pudding apple pie and custard triffle ice cream sponge pudding and custard

What are the most common desserts at a Thanksgiving feast?

Pumkin pie is the most often served, but other American fruit pies are common as well. Pecan pie as well as Sweet Potato pie, cress pie, and buttermilk pie, it depends some on what part of the country you are in.

What is the most common dish eaten in the UK?


Where was cottage pie founded?

Cottage pie was originally made in England. were in england

What is the most common girls name in England?

The most common girl name in England is Rebecca. This varies depending on what area of England you are in.

Where was pie orginated?

The modern pie originated in England

What are the most common jobs in England?

The most common jobs are : blacksmith, bookseller.

Where was apple pie invented?

Apple pie was invented in England.

What do they call pie in England?

In England, the word 'pie' is used. Pies are usually savory dishes so if you are looking for a sweet pie, you should specify the type. For example 'apple pie'.

What is the most common bird of prey in England?

Common buzzard

Where is Christianity most common?

England is the most common place of Christianity. or your heart. (if you are christian)

Why is pie made of pie?

If pie is pie than just use your common sense

What is the most popular last name in England?

The most common last name in England is 'Smith'

Is pie a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'pie' is a common noun; a general word for any pie of any kind.

What is the most common relgion in England?


Most common animals in England?

The Chinese

What are the most common birds in England?

The wren.

Where did apple pie come from?


What was the common language in England in 315 AD?

In 315, there was no country of England. Latin was the most common language on the Island.

What religion is most common in british colonies?

The most common religion in the New England colonies were christianity.

What is the most venomous snake in England?

the most venomous snake in England is the Adder also known as the common viper

What is the most common religion in England?

It is Christianitychristianity