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Q: What is the most common problem in east timor?
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What countries surround East Timor?

East Timor shares the island of Timor with Indonesia, which also includes most of the surrounding islands. The next closest nation is Australia, which is off to the east.

Which is the most common natural hazard found in East Asia?

Drought is the biggest problem in East Asia. Earthquakes are second most in East Asia. ANSWER: drought.

Which country is the most recent to gain independence?

East Timor,May/20/2002

What foods do East Timor people eat?

Rice, Maize, corn, most things that you can farm. Timor is a very poor country so they can't buy much. Most foods that they eat are usually Indonesian.

What is the most common problem of the student?

FINANCIAL PROBLEM one of the common problem of most students

What is the most common problem of a computer?

The user is the most common problem and most common cause of other problems.

What is Most common ethnicity in the middle east?

The most common ethnicity in the Middle East is "Arab".

Most common language in the middle east?

Arabic is the most common language spoken in the middle east.

What is the fourth most populated country in the world?

Indonesia, it shares 3 of its islands with other countries. Borneo with Malaysia and Brunei, Timor with East Timor, and New Guinea with Papua New Guinea.

What is the most common ear problem for humans?

The most common ear problem is an ear infection.

How do you say sir in East Timorese?

That's an oddly specific question. Why just that word? Oh, and also: there is no such thing as East Timorese. The most commonly spoken language in East Timor is Tetum.

What is the most common problem after an animal bite?

The most common problem following an animal bite is simple infection

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