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you know he is interested when he stares at you and smiles, and when he walks up to you and asks you for your phone number . :)

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The most common and obvious and easiest to tell sign is he looks at you a lot. If he looks at you a lot, he likes you. Or he's really mad at you. But he probably likes you.

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You can tell when a shy guy likes by observing a few signs. If he likes being around you, laughs at your jokes, compliments you, and does nice things for you, this may mean he really likes you.

He looks at you and talks to you.

Look for these signs - He looks at you but when you look at him he turns away. - If is always fiding excuses to bee with you - he always smiling when you talk to him - He talks to you whenever he has the chance - if he has your MSN and when you log on he talks to you straught away that is a sign if he shosw most of these signs than he most probably likes you

he will flirt with you and give you signs that he likes you .. :D

Well has he given you any signs of you thinking he likes you?

when he flirts and stretch his arms

he would be constantly looking at you

There are many possible signs that a guy likes you back more than as just friends. One easy way to find out is to simply ask him.

smiling and laughing are key. P.S. If you like a guy but your not sure he likes you try hanging out with him more; get to be his friend.

Well first of all, if you flirt with him and he flirts back He pays attention to you a lot and likes to start conversations He agrees with you on most things

If its a kid than the guy will be as nice as they can to you.

first of all, dont ask the guy if he likes you! look for clues or signs! see if he is trying to give you clues.

when a guy likes you, he stares at you everyday and when you look at him, he looks away. Or if you talk or sit next to him, he will get sweaty. :)

There is a few ways you can tell when a shy guy likes you. You can tell by the way he looks at you, smiles, sets near you or touches you.

well when he starts to flirt with you or smiles at you.


make a nice conversation.flirt a him for signs that he likes.

If a quiet guy likes you his hands would be shaking and he would probably smile a lot. I miss it so much! 😕

Signs a guy likes you while watching a movie are trying to put his arm around you, snuggling, playful jestures, our trying to like hold your hand in the popcorn bucket.

The most obvious signs are that the guy will want to talk to you more than usual he will try his best to see you and at times he may call you babe, especially if it's via text that you talk to him, also look out for kisses at the end of texts and compare them to your other guy friends.

When he's nearby for no apparent reason.

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