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Probably ovo-lacto vegetarians; less restrictions on food.

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Q: What is the most common type of vegetarian?
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Are emulsifiers vegetarian?

Most emulsifiers are vegetarian; the most common is soy lecithin, which is made from soy beans.

Is vegetarian food are also the common food in Australia?

Vegetarian foods aren't common in Australia but they do exist. There are a lot of vegetarian meals but they aren't the most popular.

Other than meat what else cant you eat when you are a vegetarian?

It depends on the specific type of vegetarian. The most common are pescatarian (fish), lacto- or ovo-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan. Some allow fish, eggs, and / or dairy. Vegetarian limits all meat and eggs. Vegan does not allow animal products of any kind (including honey, dairy, silk, leather, etc.).

What percentage of meals in restaurants are vegetarian?

It depends on the type of restaurant. Most restaurants have at least one vegetarian option on the menu.

Which dinosaurs did other dinosaurs prey on?

Most likely carnivores such as the T-Rex, the vegetarian type wouldn't normally resort to cannibalism.Comment: OK, but a carnivore could eat a herbivore (vegetarian type).

What is the most common type?

The most common blood type is O.

What type of animal is vegetarian?

Eating any animal is not vegetarian.

Which bood type is the most common?

The most common blood type is the o+ blood type.

What is the most common blood type and the most rare?

The most common blood type is A positive and the most rare is type O.

When beef packages say vegetarian feed does that also mean that the cows are grass fed?

No. There are many cattle feeds that are vegetarian besides grass. The most common are corn and soy.

What is a vegetarian type of snake?

There are NO vegetarian snakes ! ALL snakes are carnivores !

What is the most common type of external bleeidng?

what is the most common type of external bleeding