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What is the most dangerous mafia?

In the top 9 Most Dangerous Mafias in the world, The Albanian and Colombian mafia are at the top for the most dangerous and violent in the world, The Albanian mafia has now spread internationally, now become a big mess in United Kingdom and the United States. The Colombian Mafia will mostly keep to ( Full Answer )

What are the most dangerous animals in the world?

Top 5 Most dangerous animals on earth 1. Crocodile They attack and eat people. 2. Python The python is known to attack people. 3. Big cats They are known to attack and kill people. 4. Bears They are known to kill people. 5. Wild dogs Wild dogs in india are known to prey on people.

When was diphtheria most dangerous for people?

Diphtheria would have been very dangerous in the 1800s whensettlers began moving into areas and establishing towns. Ill peoplewould have spread disease and adequate medical care was notavailable.

What sport is the most dangerous statistically?

The most dangerous sport is competitive cheerleading. The reason for this is because when you are in some of the highest levels of competitive cheerleading, you are doing high risk stunts and a lot of tumbling and as some gymnasts might already know that is an extremely dangerous sport but competiti ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous spider in the world?

The Sydney Funnel web spider is the most dangerous. the Goliath spider is not dangerous The "Black Widow". It is an all black spider with a red hourglass shape on its underside. One bite and you will die within and hour. It injects so much venom in one bite that it can kill 6-7 adults.

What type of cancer is the most dangerous?

Many Cancers are very dangerous some of them have better treatments. Some of them are acute or fast growing and some are chronic or slower growing. NONE OF THEM or something to mess with and treatment should be sought. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

Is cheerleading the most dangerous sport and why?

Cheerleading results in 66% of women's catastrophic injuries, however due to the fewer number of male participants, there are no statistics on men. In the category of Non Extreme Sports(Extreme sports being street luge, bull riding, heli skiing...) Cheerleading is currently the 3rd most dangerous sp ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous form of tranportation?

by plane it depends on your opinion. i could be by plane because the pilots might get themselves drunk and crash the plane, OR it could be by car because the driver is reading a map instead of looking at the road and could drive you off a cliff, OR it could be by boat because maybe there is a ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous frog?

i heard a African frog (i don't remember its name) i heard if some one touches it it will kiil the object in less than 1 second Your talking about the poison dart frog, the golden one is the world's most poisonous frog.

Which team has the most dangerous hooligans?

not in any order:. Besiktas. Fernebache. Galatsaray. Liverpool. AS Roma. Juventus. Inter Milan. Red Star Belgrad. Boca Juniors. PAOK. Olympiacos. Gremio. Corinthians. Zenit. Odense Boldklub. Brøndby IF

Worlds most dangerous animal?

Mosquito, it causes malaria which kills over 10,00 humans, cattle and other mammals a year

What is the most dangerous coral yet?

A few years ago a collector had five 'thieves' break into his home. He killed three of they weilding a sample of brain coral. I think this makes it the most deadly sessile animal there is.

What are dangerous but wicked glitches on Pokemon?

This works for Pokemon Diamond and is "The Forbidden Glitch" Procedure: Go to the top floor of any Pokemon center. Enter theUnion room, but ask the lady to go in from the back of her desk.(This is why you need the walk anywhere cheat). When you come outof the Union room everyone and you will be invi ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous game in The Most Dangerous Game?

In The Most Dangerous Game , the term "game" is used as a synonym for animals, prey. In this story, the game hunted are humans. Therefore, humans are "the most dangerous game". In the story, a big-game hunter is marooned on an island, and becomes the unwilling prey of another hunter.

What Sleep disorder is the most dangerous?

In my opinon it would be Micro Naps, Narcolepsy, and sleepwalking. (I suffer all of these due to constant NightTerrors.) MicroNaps- You fall asleep with out warning or control. Only last about a minute. You confuse reality and your dreams big time. Dangerous if your driving or operating machinery. ( Full Answer )

What is most dangerous place in world and why?

Healthwise, many physicians say humans are at the most risk for illnesses bred right in the person's residence/home. First, most homes in cold climates are heated with forced dry heat, such as gas or electric furnaces. Dry heat also dries mucous membranes like those in the nose and mouth, leading ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous airsoft gun?

THe most dangerous airsoft gun is probably any of the Systema PTW series if they have the highest power cylinder. With it they can shoot at approximately 700 fps. A highly moded gas sniper rifle may also be able to achieve similar power, but I am not aware of any other airsoft gun that can shoot ove ( Full Answer )

Which jellyfish is the most dangerous?

Stings of some species of the class Cubozoa and the Box jellyfish , such as the famous andespecially toxic Irukandjijellyfish , can be deadly. The sea wasp , a box jellyfish found in Australian waters, can kill an adult human within afew minutes.

What is the most dangerous marine animal?

That is a very debatable question. The potential for human harm is highest among animals such as the jellyfish, the stingray, and (if one is a diver) the Moray and Electric eel. The barracuda can be dangerous, but usually only if provoked. A shark is the greatest - but also the rarest - danger. That ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous tsunami wave?

The one that arrives at night, at high tide, two days after the new moon, and you didn't feel any earthquake. Or the one that hits Los Angeles after a meteorite the size of a truck smashes into the Pacific.

What is the most dangerous complication of influenza?

Respiratory failure, which is often due to secondary pneumonia caused by either viral or bacterial pathogens. This condition usually requires invasive mechanical ventilation (a "vent") for them to continue to breathe.

What are the most dangerous bees?

Africanized bees are the most dangerous; they are very aggressive and whole hives attack to protect the queen bee.

Which volcanoe is the most dangerous?

Yellowstone. It will cause nuclear winters all over the planet and will force out huge pyroclastic flows. Any aeroplanes flying near it will probably be disabled due to ash getting into turbines. Most of America will be uninhabitable.

What is the most dangerous alligator?

caues they meet think that you are there diner or something they will eat you a live well lots just say that you are simmwing in a river however you are not along and you are seeing the alligator is going into the water and you say to yourself oh no this is not going go well will I better simmw to s ( Full Answer )

What part of Houston is the most dangerous?

many parts of Houston,TX are considered dangerous. Here a the ones i can think of: -3rd Ward -5th Ward -Denver Harbor -North Shore -Acres Home -Fleming -Little York @ 59N

Who is the most dangerous hacker?

That really depends. In my opinion, In terms of the gaming/phone industry, it is 'Geohot' He made the first hack for the 'Playstation 3' and 'iPhone' The playstation 3 was described as 'Unhackable' for 3 straight years. Regards, - Callump01

What bear is the most dangerous in the world?

Probably the Grizzly bear. I'm not saying that they're bad animals, but they are the most aggressive of bears and cause the most maulings each year. They have really, really big, sharp claws, and really sharp teeth. They are also very big in size and height. They are also EXTREMELY protective of the ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous thunderstorm?

The most dangerous type of thunderstorm would be the supercell. These storms are huge rotating thunderstorms that require very special dynamic conditions to form. They normally form in the U.S Midwest during spring and Summer months and sometimes produce tornadoes. These storms are very large and we ( Full Answer )

What career is the most dangerous?

According to "The Daily Beast," being a fisherman on the ocean is dangerous. There are about 129 deaths per 100,000 workers, and many more injuries. You could fall into the frigid water, get caught in netting or lines. Logging is also dangerous, taking the number two spot on the list. There are 116 ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous animal in Belize?

there are many animals like the black widow, bullet ant,brown recluse spider,coral snake,dart frog,eyelash palm pitviper,fer de lance,jumping pitviper,matan coral snake,and Mexican cantil and many more

What branch of the military is most dangerous?

If by dangerous you mean deadly there really is no defining element to that as each group of the military has counters for different things and different tasks to accomplish and ways of accomplishing them like the air force has to deal mainly with enemy air craft and other interesting stuff they the ( Full Answer )

What is the most Dangerous city in Brazil?

It depends what part of the city you're in. Places close to favelas are very dangerous. Brazilian people can recognize a tourist very easy (by clothes you use, skin tone and accent). Try to find out where the middle - high class people go. Some places in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife and Brasili ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous species of sharks?

The most dangerous species of sharks is the bull shark, tiger shark, and oceanic whitetip. Many people think the Great White Shark (species Carcharodon carcharias) is the most dangerous shark but it is not aggressive and most attacks on humans are due to the shark mistaking the human for a seal. ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous gang in Anaheim?

Barrio Small Town has been the most dangerous & notorious gang in Anaheim. It is said to have been formed in the 1970's in Long Beach Ca. Since then the gang has expanded through out California & spread into different States, Washington,Nevada,Texas,Arizona,New Mexico & as far as New Jersey.

Why was the most dangerous dinosaur the most dangerous dinosaur?

The reason why the most dangerous dinosaur (T-Rex) was so dangerous was because: . It had razor sharp teeth that could go through any kind of bone . And it had powerful jaws that could also bite through anything what so ever . And as a youngling they have venomous saliva so that if they ever bite ( Full Answer )

Can some Pokemon can be dangerous?

If Pokémon existed in real life they could indeed cause a lot ofphysical harm and property damage. We are talking about creatures with the power to casually summonlightning, spit fire, materialize giant waves out of nowhere, causeearthquakes, tornadoes, among others. And these are just theattacks ( Full Answer )

Is Pokemon GO dangerous?

No, Pokemon GO itself is not dangerous. Paying attention to yourphone instead of your surroundings is dangerous, especially whiledriving. Going to dangerous places and trespassing is dangerous,and you shouldn't do either one, even if you might be able to catcha cool Pokemon. As long as you remember ( Full Answer )

Why is Pokemon go dangerous?

Pokemon Go itself is not dangerous. It is thy whom plays with it islooking at your screen more than your obstacles ahead of you. ThenCRASH!!! A car destroyed you. BYE BYE. Have a great birthday,child! 🎉