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What is the most difficult word to pronounce in the English language?


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Two words, the combination does the trick. Purportedly posed by allied troops to Germans, camouflageing to be allied troops: 'Please say: several months'

With the intent to pronounce correctly this is supposed to become a stumblesome effort...

Well, this is just not true, "several months" is very easy one.

The most difficult word to pronounce correctly in English is:



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English is the hardest language to learn. :D

Japanese is a difficult language to learn because it has a different grammatical structure than English and employs three different writing systems, among other things. However, Japanese is not that difficult to pronounce. Most of the sounds are similar to sounds used in English.

The English language has more words than most other languages.

It has nothing to do with Malaysians. English can be difficult for most people who learn it as a second language.

It is said that Mandarin Chinese is the most difficult language to learn after childhood, followed closely by English.

they are different kinds of we of communication one of that is how we communicate eachother most especially our language we use and how we pronounce it correctly

It's not the most difficult language, but it's not the easiest either. Here's a true fact for you - the hardest language to learn on the entire planet, is English. And you're writing in English, so you have already mastered the world's most difficult language. There is nothing stopping you taking on German.

From what I understand, English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. This is likely because of the countless exceptions that exist for every rule of the language.

1) ratiocination There is a journal article about this apparently. I think that I may be breaching copyright to copy and paste the words though. (1997) The 100 English words most difficult to pronounce. English Phonetics the Journal of the English Phonetic Society of Japan pp 27-59

it's easier to learn french. the English language is the most difficult language on the planet.

I can't imagine many disadvantages to learning English. English is one of the most prolific language in the world, with a lot of the major/most wealthy countries using it as their native language. It is however among the most difficult languages to learn.

The language which is most similar to English is Dutch.

I read somewhere that it was ranked: 1) English 2) Japanese 3) Russian

Most likely English. English is very difficult for many people, as a second language. It's grammar is so complex. Even native English speakers have a hard time with it, sometimes.

Its not if you are raised with the english language, but if you are learning it for a second language it could be. There are a lot of silent sounds like "gh" and "au" which could make reading a challenge. But you should preserver as english is the 2nd most spoken language in the world and the language could really help you in the future.

I think it really depends what your native language is, and how far the languages are removed from your native language in terms of grammar, pronounciation and writing system. Assuming your native language is English, the most difficult European language might be Finnish, because it has a highly complicated grammar. Chinese has a fairly simple grammar, but requires the learner to memorize at least 30 000 characters. Moreover, Chinese is very difficult to pronounce and uses four different tones, which is quite difficult for English-speakers. Japanese has a very complicated grammar, needs a knowledge of two alphabets and over 1000 characters, but is fairly easy to pronounce. So, I would suggest a top 3 for English speakers; 1. Chinese 2. Japanese 3. Finnish

The short answer is yes. The grammar of any language is really a formula, or system. If there is no underlying structure or order to a language, the language wouldn't be much good to anyone. Some languages are very difficult to learn; English is really not one of the most difficult. If you want to learn a difficult language, try Icelandic. On the other hand, although grammar is a 'formula', English is full of traps in the form of exceptions. I don't envy anyone who faces the task of learning English as a second language. I do, however, have the deepest respect and admiration for people who are.

It's difficult to get statistics on this if only because the difference for a lot of people between secondary mother language, school language, and language-they-learned as an adult, is small and difficult to define. The answer at this point in history is most likely English. Many kids in many non-English speaking countries are trying to learn English because of its business applications, especially as concerns the USA and Europe (most European businessmen, especially in Western Europe, have a decent command of English).

The most spoken language in the world is Chinese not English, but after English most likely Spanish or Hindu.

The most common vowel in the English language is e.

The most commonly spoken language in Europe is English.

The English language has the most words of any language in history.

The language barrier is usually the most difficult aspect.

English is the most used language

English is the most spoken language.

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