What is the most frictionless?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What is the most frictionless?
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Why is water frictionless?

it is frictionless because the water had coldism and it is liquid

Can frictionless surface exist?


Is there any frictionless train?

No there is always a resistive force such as air resistance. The closest frictionless train is the japanese magnetic train which has no friction on the track.

Can acceleration happen on a frictionless surface?


Is force different in a frictionless floor?

yes it is

What is the oppositon of friction?

slickness, smoothness, frictionless

Where does friction happen?

Everywhere! Frictionless surfaces do not exist.

How many frictionless consonants are there in English language?


What is frictionless compressor?

it is the act of without friction.

What requires less effort sliding a 1 kg box on an ordinary floor or sliding a 2000 kg box on a frictionless floor?

2000 kg box on a frictionless floor

When will frictionless engine be 100 percent efficient?

at 0'kelvin

What does a frictionless data do?

Frictionless data means sharing data though social media sources. It a cheap way of sharing data and allows for massive amounts of data to be shared easily.