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I'd consider Mathematics to be in the group. This gives us the measuring techniques and the power to test and verify hypothesis. Surely the essence of Science. Others??

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Q: What is the most important discovery in science?
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What is the most important discovery in science from 1990 through 2000?

The discovery of planets in other solar systems.

How does science and technology help us to travel?

Discovery of wheel is most important discovery for travelling . Then invension of motor. These are two most important invensions which helps us to travel long distance easily. This can be possible only because of science and technology.

Why is the science field important?

for discovery of new inventions!

What is the definition of technology important of science and technology?

Science discovers and Technology makes things from the discovery

Why is albert einsteins' discovery important to us?

so we can learn in science =]

Why is Alfred wegeners invention or discovery important to science?

because it just is

What were the most important events in the Age of Reason?

The most important event would be the discovery of "Science" where science has actually triumphed over religion and belief in certain laws (like the earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa) started becoming popular.

What was Albert Einstein's most important discovery?

Albert Einstein's most important discovery was the E=mc2 formula which is also the theory

Why is isaac newtons discovery important?

He, along with his contemporaries, laid the foundations for modern science.

When was Discovery Science - Canada - created?

Discovery Science - Canada - was created in 2001.

When was Discovery Science Center created?

Discovery Science Center was created in 1998.

What was einstines most important discovery?

Theory of relativity.