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What is the most important thing in life?



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Its God! Jesus saved all of us of our sins! Our father in heaven tells me every day that he put us on this earth for him to enjoy our happiness! He loves us and the most important person that is living is God, Jesus! Read the Bible! He will someday come back to earth and tell everybody that we are saved and that we are loved! We are his princesses and knights! Go get a Bible, read it, get baptized, ask for forgiveness, then pray! He loves us and he created us!

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The most important thing in life is to serve others and be selfless, strive to live by The Golden Rule (a very important moral guideline that is found in all the world's religions), and evolve by improving the most important facet of spiritual development: the ability to love genuinely and deeply.

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Being self reliant. No imaginary power is ever going to intervene in your affairs to make things better, only your own hard work.