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That's easy Quarter Horse

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the most comen breed of horse in canada is an American cutting horse.

The Palomino registry is a color registry. The horse must be the correct color to be registered with the breed. A horse can be a palomino and not a member of the breed, but the breed has only palomino colored horses in it. Palomino is a breed and a color although it is most often used as the color for example i have a Palomino Dun Appaloosa

Apparently the most famous breed of horse is the beautiful Arab.

The Arabian is the most popular horse breed, followed closely by the Quarter Horse.

no. the Arabian was most likely the first breed of horse.

The most dominant breed in terms of numbers is the American Quarter Horse.

The breed of horse that is slaughtered most is the American Quarter Horse. This horse also happens to be the horse that is most commonly over-bred. We should stop massacring the American Quarter Horse.

Gypsy Vanner The most recent horse breed was developed by the chinese, and it is the Yili horse

Whenever a mare goes into heat. (which occurs most often in spring and summer.)

Although the Arabian Horse is the oldest domestic breed, the most common (with the largest registry) is the American Quarter Horse.

Everybody will have their own favorite breed of horse and their own reasons for liking that particular breed the most.

The Clydesdale is a breed of horse.A breed of horse is a classification of a type of horse that has recurring genetic features and most or all of that type can trace back to one or several foundation ancestors.

the most popular Breed is The Quarter Horse becasue if its work habbits [ScooterHorse on HorseIsle GO CARMELLO!!!]

The breed of the horse seems to be unknown. After searching many websites I have not been able to find an exact breed. However if you look at the way the horse is built, it is most likely a Quarter Horse.

widths can vary, being the measure of how wide a horse is. The width of a skinny horse would vary to that of a fat horse, the breed also affects it, a big draft horse is most often wider than a miniature pony.

That really depends on where you're from and where you live. In North America, likely the most famous breed of horse would be the American Mustang, followed by the American Quarter Horse. In the Middle East, the most famous breed would be the Arabian horse.

That would definitely be the American Quarter Horse.

its a breed of horse, the most common racing horse actually.

I would say, based on experiece, that the most popular breed of horse is the Arabian, though there is most likely a lot of debate on the subject.

Well, I read many books about horses and all of them said the Arabian is the prettiest and most intelligent horse breed. I agree since the Arabian horse was the first horse breed in the world. But it is a matter of opinion.

Any horse, but Quarter Horses are the most popular.

The ONLY breed of horse that is allowed to race in the Kentucky Derby is the Thoroughbred.

The most expensive horse breeds is most likely going to be a Thoroughbred Quarter Horse and/or Jumpers and Dressage winners!

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