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Take That.

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Q: What is the most popular British boy band in the whole UK?
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Is 1d real?

Of course they are the most popular band in the whole world

What band is the most popular in the whole wide world?

Well, in my opinion, in most radio's, music's, and music genre's, Blue October is the most popular band in the whole wide world. For example, thier song-She's my Ride Home, is so popular. Also thier song-You Make me Smile, is so popular.

Why do the Naked Brothers Band hate Jonas Brothers?

because there both a band and they both are competing to be the most popular and Jonas brother are a whole lot more popular then naked brothers band

When was the height of British sea power?

"If you are talking about the rock band, British Sea Power, then they were most popular and at the height of their career in 2008. They are still popular in the United Kingdom."

Who was the most popular band in the world in the 1960s?

the beatles were the most popular band

Was art rock primarily a british or American invention?

Definitely a British thing. Queen arguably being the most popular Art rock band.

What is the most popluar band in Germany?

Tokio Hotel is the most popular band.

What was the most popular boy band of the 1980's?

The New Kids on the Block was the most popular boy band of the 1980's. They were the were the reason the phrase "boy band" was coined. The most popular boy band ever was The Backstreet Boys.

Worlds most popular band?

The Happy Monster Band

What band is most popular?

The Beatles

Who is the most popular band?

That's the 2nd most popular the most Popular band is The Drama Queen Cousins Some of the most popular Christian bands are: Skillet tobyMac Casting Crowns Third Day

What are some British bands?

the most amazing british band is the Beatles

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