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What is the most popular animal on animal jam?


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wolves are the most popular

animal in animal jam.

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foxes are the most popular animal on animal jam

yes there are wolves they are also the most popular animal on animal jam.

i think its artic wolf, wolf, bunny

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I've never herd of animal jam but I think club penguin is more popular

The name of the most famous person on animal jam is Cleverkid10.

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you can get a deer in animal jam by being a member and buying it in the animal jam animal shop just tape add animal

There's discovery, new year jam, and gorilla. Go the related link to to get more animal jam codes.

her/his name is julian2 i think shes banned but if shes not just serch her him on buddy list!

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The most popular animal in the world is dogs and dolphin.

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the animal is a raccoon for animal jam, i even solved the puzzle... my user name for animal jam is... Teensy Happybunny

no. animal jam never stops.

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