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The online results for the most popular insurance company in California is Aetna insurance company. They cater insurance plans for health and dental for instance to students.

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2013-06-22 08:07:18
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Q: What is the most popular student home insurance company in California?
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Where can one get student dental insurance?

One can get student dental insurance when one approaches the insurance company called United Healthcare that offers flexible student health and dental plans.

Is Freeway insurance a good insurance company?

Freeway insurance is really more of a comparison company. Freeway insurance is only offered to California state residents. They offer policies from over 20 different carriers. They do offer Multi-policy, multi-car, good driver, and student discounts.

How long is student travel insurance valid for?

Student travel insurance policies and rates vary by company and individual. It is suggested to contact a representative of the company or log into any online account you may have.

Is your US insurance good in Canada if you are a student there?

Yes it is, you just have to get a Canada Insurance Card from your insurance company. Polcies do not cover Mexico.

Where in the California area can a student find health insurance quotes?

A student in California would likely be able to find health insurance quotes from their college directly or by finding a local insurance agent. If they do not want to check online or via phone call, they could go directly to the office.

How does someone apply for student insurance at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln?

If you are looking health insurance coverage for a college student, you have several choices. You can try your current health insurance company or contact the school office to sign up for the schools insurance program.

How can you qualify for student insurance?

Contact a student insurance company. There are numerous websites found throughout the world wide web. Thoroughly inspect every website and avoid any scams.

Is student insurance a necessity?

It is not a necessity, but is a very important thing to have. If you were to get into an accident or have something stolen, the insurance company can give you something for the damage.

Do student drivers need auto insurance?

The answer to this question is YES the student driver needs auto insurance because it is a requirement by the law that every driver, whether student or not, needs insurance. If you contact your insurance agent you will find out for the most part that the student driver needs to be listed on the insurance policy but they are not charged any fees until they become a full licensed driver. This was the advise that I had received from my insurance company, which is Met Life.

Where can you get car insurance for student drivers in New Jersey?

State Farm combines low rates with discounts to provide cheap car insurance for student drivers. You can search for the company agent to discuss the procedure.

What kinds of car insurance plans are offered by the More Than Insurance company?

The insurance company called More Than offers a very wide range of insurance products. Some of the many insurance plans offered are car, home, pet, travel, van, life and boat insurance. The company also offers income protection, student insurance and memorial stone coverage.

How does an auto insurance company define a student for student discounts?

Depends on the carrier. Most will consider a full time student, age 25 or less, with an A or B average (or 3.0) for a good student discount.

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