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The Russian mafia is the 2nd most powerful mafia in todays world. The Italian mafia is the most powerful mafia in the world

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Q: What is the most powerful world mafia?
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Is the mafia the most powerful crime organization in America?

yes. the Italian mafia is the most powerful crime organization in America. there are other powerful gangs but the mafia is the most organized and secritive.

Who are the most powerful clan in Mafia Wars?

Mafia wars gods

Who is the most powerful don in mafia respect and retaliation?

The godfather

Which US Mafia family is most powerful?

The Gambino Crime Family

Who is RYfG?

RYfG is a clan on Mafia Wars. They are widely considered the most powerful clan in the game.

How does Mafia Wars choose your top 501 members?

i think that they are automatically ranked, so your top 501 would be the 501 most powerful people in your mafia.

What is the most powerful weapon and the most defensive weapon in Mafia Wars?

currently the strongest waepon in mafia wars is Crocodillo APC earned in Cuba after finishing the El Padrino job tier.

What is a Russian mafia?

the Russian mafia is a very powerful organization sure wouldn't wanna mess with these guys or any other mafia.

What is the most dangerous mafia?

In the top 9 Most Dangerous Mafias in the world, The Albanian and Colombian mafia are at the top for the most dangerous and violent in the world, The Albanian mafia has now spread internationally, now become a big mess in United Kingdom and the United States. The Colombian Mafia will mostly keep to South America/other states in America.

Which world mafia family is most powerful?

There are many names... But if you are tired of the big braggers, and look for a strong upcomer, it would be Leif Strand. hard and ruthless, makes clowns look like clowns.

What was the American mafia like in 1920?

in the 1920s the mafia were man shagers they would hold the man on the wall and break his legs so he couldn't run away then take the money they were owd and then they would rape him--------------------------------- The American Mafia in the 1920s were the most Powerful times for them, Back in the 20s they could Bribe Police and do basically whatever they want. Al Capones, Lucky Luciano were still growing up to rule the world with the Mafia

Why is the president the most powerful person in the world?

The president isn't the most powerful person in the world. God is. Presidents are the most powerful and important people in the USA.